Items not unlocking after completing the lessons

This has been happening on and off at random times and it’s getting so annoying. Just 5 mins ago, I completed my set of 5 lessons which consisted of 1 kanji and 4 vocab. The kanji was 誕. When I finished, the lesson summary showed 0 complete for all three categories and the total lessons counter stayed the same at 69. Then when I searched for 誕, it was still locked. Sometimes 2-3 items get unlocked, sometimes 0, and sometimes all. Anyone else encounter this bug?

@oldbonsai I’m guessing this might be something to do with the other bug where new lessons weren’t unlocking?

Hmmm, this one sounds different The other unlock issue happens after reviews when something gets passed.

(Default support questions) Are you running any userscripts? What OS/browser are you on? And what’s your internet connection like?

With that out of the way, do the lessons show up in your queue again? Not the counter, but the actual lesson interface? Does the lesson count eventually change? If so, how long does it take?

What kind of bug is that? Because I feel like I’m not unlocking any new levels as well. Have been doing daily reviews but only unlocked 2-3 lessons since a week (at least feels like that), even though I always have 90%+ correct. So I don’t know if its just still a slow pace at level 4 but it felt like at level 3 I unlocked new lessons much faster.

Some people’s lessons weren’t unlocking fully on level up…

If you talk to OldBonsai and answer all his questions, he’ll get it sorted (he works for Tofugu so can actually get stuff done and is usually super quick at getting things done)

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Hi oldbonsai,

I’m not running any scripts anymore. I turned them off a few weeks ago. I’m using chrome and I use the site most at work which has a 300 down 61 up connection. Yes, the lessons show up in the queue again. For example, 誕 is available again to learn in the lessons.

This page is often delayed, not showing the last item if you go to the overview page right after finishing the last lesson/review. With that said, I also saw some additional delay earlier in the week. Took multiple refreshed over many seconds to get all the items to show up. However, I didn’t see items in my queue again.

Well, hrm. Lessons definitely shouldn’t be showing up in the queue again after you successfully submit them.

For the sake of explanation, there’s a bit of a difference between lessons and reviews. Once the information gets to us, lessons get recorded right away and reviews get processed in the background. Reviews trigger a lot more evaluation and take longer, thus the asynchronous processing. When you’re doing either, the answers/results get stored locally (to you) before they’re submitted to us so that if there are problems submitting them, the code keeps trying to submit the answers and you don’t lose your work.

So, it sounds like somehow the answers aren’t making it to us. I’m going to kick this into a private conversation so I can get some system details and we can troubleshoot from there.

We’re working on reducing or eliminating the delay for the review summary, but it’s going to be a series of incremental improvements over the coming weeks.

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