Help - still confused about lessons going into reviews!

I get that they only go into the reviews once the lessons are complete but I’m still unsure about the best way to go back and work out what items I have done.

So say I have 100 lessons and I do 20 a day but am still doing all my reviews. I do the first 20 which then can go into reviews. But where exactly does it show me the items from those 20 lessons that I have done? I like to go back and skim through what I have done before doing reviews but they appear to be jumbled up within the 100 total lessons that are there.

Am I missing something?

You shouldn’t really be skimming through the learned items just before doing the reviews. The idea is to get those items to your long term memory, and if you’re going through them just before reviews it can be detrimental to the SRS system and your learning. Just let the SRS do it’s thing and the failed items will come back and you will learn them.


I take your point.

To be fair it’s not like I jam them just before the reviews but it’s more like I build up my memory of them over several days. I just find that works for me as initially I’ll forget some but if I keep turning them over I’ll remember.

Still reckon it would be handy to know exactly and clearly which ones have gone into review.

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Yeah to be fair I also sometimes look at the kanji/vocab on a level if I have a spare minute but only for items that are gonna guru like the day after or something.

I also hate how the items are displayed on the main site since you can’t tell which ones you have learned. I use my phone for that with the Tsurukame app for iOS. I also think I’ve had some script in the past which at least showed the kanji for that level.

Click on Items, then Wanikani, and you can configure it to have your most recent items at the top.

As Morteasd wrote, though, you shouldn’t be skimming before reviews - I do my ‘skimming’ after my lessons but before I take the quiz, and it has greatly improved my retention.

Thanks for that.

Without sounding totally useless, then what is the actual step that configures the items to the top (the last thing ‘learned’).

Hmm, I was checking the stats site but I don’t see that option either, best I can see is hiding everything but the “apprentice” level stuff.
But that doesn’t take into account anything you saw in lessons a while ago that just haven’t leveled up, but I guess it’d be easier for you to check manually from that anyway

First, click on Open Config near the top of the page:

Then set the grouping by Level highest to lowest (Z => A) as primary with SRS stage as secondary;


Finally, you may wish to hide all items in Locked and Lesson;

This is my stats page using those configurations - the 11 items in Level 14 Apprentice 2 are my 11 lessons from this morning (I’m doing my second set of reviews in the next hour, so if I don’t stuff up they’ll all move to Apprentice 3 shortly):

Thanks. I believe I’ve done everything you said but mine appears like this:

Sorry, I missed a couple of bits :pensive:

Select Item Type for both of these sections

Are you only getting that 1 item showing up, or are the rest of your items not in the screenshot?

Yep that’s all I see. Updated:

Your two middle sections still aren’t by item type, but that still wouldn’t produce such a situation. I’m stumped. Have you refreshed the page??? Can you see anything more when you close the config tool???

Not really. Have refreshed. May try another API key at some stage.

Will give it another go tomorrow. Thanks for all your help!

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Have you looked at the Self Study script at all? There’s a companion script which adds additional options including recently done lessons. Using these scripts won’t give you an outright list but it will allow you to do extra reviews outside of the SRS. It even has another option to filter out items that are coming up for review soon so you can avoid interfering with the SRS too much.

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If you’ve finished the lessons, they shouldn’t be in your lesson pile anymore, but in your review queue. Is that what you meant, or are they actually still in lessons? Because in that case you aren’t finishing them properly. But you’re level 8 already so probably you just meant to say ‘review’.

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