Asking for a friend...[Learning English from Japanese]

First of all I hope this is the right place to ask, I am asking for Japanese resources after all, and secondly I really am asking for a friend here…

She wants to learn English as a native japanese person and I’d love to recommend her a good site/app for that endeavor. Since Wanikani works really well for me I`m asking if you know any similar resources for native japanese that use the SRS. She is using みかん (app) right now but she’s not happy with it. Apparently it’s too hard which makes me think it’s not a very user friendly app like Wanikani is, I will check it out though.

Thanks for any answers :slight_smile:

Edit: I checked みかん and it looks good so far. Although I’m not sure about all the features yet it doesn’t seem to use spaced repetition (or any kind of repetition?) and it’s multiple choice, which makes me think it’s not that effective. Any further suggestions are appreciated!


I would honestly have her try WaniKani in reverse. She’ll probably ace the readings but the meanings can help her with English. At least see how it goes for the trial levels.

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What about some vocab dekcs from Anki?

if she is fluent enough in english an en-en deck might also work

I would recommend HelloTalk, I’m pretty sure its free (with in app purchases) but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty good. It’s not exactly Wanikani as you’re talking to real people and it’s more of a messaging social media type leaning app- hope this helps :smiley:

For vocab with example sentences, there is, although it’s not free.

Thanks for your suggestions so far!

That is not a bad idea but I would recommend her to study comprehension (eng->jap) first rather than production (jap->eng).

I’m not sure how Anki works but I will send her a link in japanese that I found. Her english is not that good yet…

Thanks, we are video chatting sometimes so I think that’s enough on that front.

This looks quite good, too bad that it costs. I will recommend it.

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Maybe Duolingo’s English course is good?

Ordinarily, I’d be the last person to recommend Duolingo, but if they have a version with Japanese as the base language, it might be worth a try. I may not like Duolingo’s approach, but it’s usually good for language basics. Also, repetition and imitation of model sentences seems common in language textbooks from Japan, so she’ll probably be quite comfortable with it. Just make sure she knows that she’ll probably have to move beyond Duolingo at some point if she wants to be able to communicate fluently. Duolingo is more of an organised phrasebook and vocabulary drill system than anything else.

Indeed, this seems like a good approach. I did suggest her to try it but only because it’s the only app I knew of. Maybe it works well for her.

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