Apps you use to study japanese

Hi guys,
Recently I’ve been busy and don’t have much time to study because I’m not home most of the time.
So I’ve been wondering if you have apps you use that you could recommend, whether you use it to improve reading, vocabulary, kanji or anything.
I really appreciate your help!

I used Anki a lot when I first started but it I don’t anymore. Besides WaniKani and iKnow for vocab I don’t use anything else.
iKnow is pretty much like Anki but with context sentences that are fully voiced by native speakers. It’s subscription based but I think it’s worth it for what they provide :man_shrugging:
If I had patience I’d switch to Anki or something more advanced like Kitsun


Check the big Resources list

I like TangoRisto to practice reading (it’s free) but Satori Reader wasn’t bad when I used the free beta.

For grammar you can try the (paid) Human Japanese apps, which dispite one being called intermediate really only cover elementary level. I’ve not seen one that covers a Tobira equivalent yet. Of course there’s plenty of good YouTube channels that cover grammar like Misa, Nihongo no mori, Cure dolly, etc and Tae Kim’s Grammer guide is free online.

There are also several courses on Memrise as well.


I’ve been using LingoDeer for a while, and I’m pretty happy with it. It includes reading, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. It also has a “download all content” option, so you can use it on the subway, when there’s no cellphone reception!


I basically use:
Vocabulary and kanji: Wanikani
Grammar: Bunpro
Reading: Easy Japanese
I also use the books: Minna no Nihongo

What i’m missing now is a platform to speak (recommendations??). You know, for me if you can’t speak, there is no point in learning the language.

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You might take a look at Pismleur. It’s slow, but really helps with pronunciation. There’s a support group thread for it here: Pimsleur support group

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Thanks Nightscostman, I’ll check it out!

Update: So i’ve checked it out. I wasn’t making reference to pronunciation. First i think it’s more important to be able to maintain a proper conversation, even if your pronunciation is not perfect (for me, there is no point if you can ask: “how match it cost” with a perfect intonation, but cannot move forward from that) . What i’m looking is more of chatting apps.

Same here. I am using Wanikani, Duolingo, and enrolled in a language class, but I feel like I am still lacking the conversation skills. I don’t really practice speaking in a daily basis, only once a week when we have a class, so I’m not confident in terms of speaking.

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I’ve never heard of iKnow until now, and it looks amazing. The user experience looks so much better than Anki.

How long have you been using it and how deep in are you? Is it useful beyond beginner level, past the core 2k?

Considering investing in this but would be great if you don’t mind elaborating on your experience with it. Cheers!

I’ve just recently passed the 2k mark. So far it was mostly words I already knew from WaniKani or my own study (like 80%), but there’s new words all the time, and I’m starting to see new words more often recently. The audio for the context sentences is what I mostly appreciate about it. It’s pretty good for shadowing.

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Go to HelloTalk, it’s like a worldwide twitter where you can practice with people that are learning your language. you can help each other out

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I just started using a new app recently to see what it is like, so far (like a week) I actually keep going back to it. It is called Drops and they have a Japanese course on there. Basically it is vocab etc so far that I have seen teaching you words through a couple different tactics. You get 5 minutes free study time every 10 hours or something like that (or you can pay for it, I don’t) It is helping me just add in a little extra vocab that I didn’t already know. May be worth checking out for something like that

I really like pimsleur both for pronunciation and for… like, actually generating and speaking sentences quickly and on the fly.

Hi Jodakun,

I’ll check it out later, thanks!

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