What order are lessons in?

Just leveled up to 7 and trying to get strategic about having a good items at apprentice.

What order do the lessons come in? When I leveled up I had to go through more vocab and then it finally switched over to the new radicals, but I also still have new lessons in vocab?

Can I choose what to prioritize? What happens if I “skip” a vocab word? Do I lose it forever?

Sorry if these are basic, just trying to optimize!

If you go to Dashboard > Settings > App you can choose from “Ascending level then subject”, “Shuffled” or “Ascending level then shuffled.”

If you want more fine-tuned control, you can use the reorder script.


You can choose what to prioritize with a script such as [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter if you want. You can’t “lose” a lesson or anything like that, but if you’re not careful with scripts like this you could get a really large backlog of vocab lessons. You want to avoid that by always doing 2-3 times as many vocab lessons as radical/kanji lessons. Personally I really preferred learning kanji and vocab together, so I did roughly 3 kanji and 9 vocab every day when I could. (I just did all the radicals right after leveling up.)

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The other vocab is the level 7 vocab that unlocks at the start of the level. In default order they appear after the kanji for the level.


I recommend taking control of when you level up.

This happens when you guru 90% of the kanji. So, by simply making sure that you get most kanji to guru the day before reaching 90%, you’ll have time to do away with most of the vocab lessons associated with the current level kanji.

When you later trigger the level up by reaching 90% guru’d kanji, you can this way avoid having a big heap of vocab lessons to go through before doing the new level radicals.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can always do the reorder-script thing. It’s really up to you. It’s good to know, however, that many people have run into problems later by skipping vocab lessons and getting overwhelmed by that backlog.

Personally, I only really learn the kanji after I unlock the vocab lessons. That’s also why they’re there: to cement the readings and also teach you alternative readings of the kanji you just guru’d. So, skipping those lessons will only make it harder to retain the kanji you’ve just learned. That’s also good to keep in mind.

Good luck with your studies! :slight_smile:

the actual order the lessons come in are:

remaining lessons from previous level; radicals from current level; kanji from current level; vocab from current level.

though i am not sure what happens when you unlock the second set of kanji after guruing the radicals, whether they get added after the vocab you’ve already got from the current level, or slipped in before.

if you did all the kanji lessons in a block, and had a high degree of accuracy, you might get a lot of new vocab from the previous level when you level up. if you spread out your kanji lessons a bit (or make enough mistakes) you’ll get most of the vocab lessons before leveling up.

re-ordering lessons probably doesn’t make much sense unless you’re trying to work through WK fast ^^

Thanks all! Yeah, this makes sense. I’m loving doing the vocab as well, as that’s a huge part of my studying, I just wanted to get a jump on the radicals so I could get that timer started cause I am trying to work through this fairly quickly (especially at these levels where many of these are already familiar).

But it ended up being fine to just power through. I’m still trying to keep apprentice stuff at ~100, but always try to get all of the available radicals and kanji moving.

Seems like we’re roughly at the same level, are you using scripts? How are you finding it?

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i reorder my lessons, yeah. going at a rate of about 8 days per level, so probably kind of in speedrunner territory.

i’m finding WK a good learning tool, but at this speed it demands a significant investment of time and energy. luckily i have that ^^

That’s about my pace as well at the moment. It definitely does require a bit to keep up at that pace, but similarly situated here

I’ve just reached level 7 and was greeted with 100+ vocab lessons :stuck_out_tongue: , my pace is much slower but definitely enjoying the ride

The later one. Basically for items from the same level WK default mode will give priority to the subject (radical > kanji > vocab).

Also the order of vocab items in your lesson queue can change if you unlock new vocab. It seems to depend on the internal ordering of the kanji.

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