Lesson order has changed

Hi all,

Usually my lessons put new kanji first and vocabulary second. Particularly say on the “2nd half” of a lesson, so to speak. This time around it’s asking me to do the vocab first, which isn’t how I like to do my lessons and I’m not sure why it changed.

I’ve looked in my settings and I didn’t change anything or see anything I could change to make the kanji come first. I’m not using any re-ordering scripts.

Any help?

By default lower level items are done first in lessons. You should always see vocab from a previous level before the kanji for a new level. If your current level is N, it goes:

  1. Vocab for level N - 1
  2. Radicals for level N
  3. Kanji for level N
  4. Vocab for level N

With all that said, new items were added today across all different levels. But based on what you’re describing I don’t think it’s related. The newly added vocab items are all based on also newly added kanji items, so none of those vocab lessons should have shown up for you yet.

If my explanation above doesn’t make sense, or you’re seeing something that contradicts it, please post the specific items you are seeing lessons for.


New content was recently added, so it’s likely that the new vocab is from an earlier level

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I’m at this stage and it’s not happening in this order.

It isn’t the new lessons, either. I already did those this morning.

I should be seeing my kanji first and I’m not.

For example, I learned 諦 and guru’d it today. My first vocabulary are all words using that kanji, like 諦める. I should be seeing kanji, right?

Ah, no. 諦める is from level 22. So it does have to do with newly added items, just not the ones added today.

If you just do those lessons, it should get back to normal soon enough. But this kind of thing will happen from time to time with items being added all over the place.

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Aaah, I see. I didn’t realise that was part of level 22! Thanks.

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