Aria the Masterpiece Home Thread (Beginner Book Club / Aria Book Club)




My copy arrived on time! :tada:

That’s my holiday reading sorted then :blush:


These books should be good for reading on vacation too! Last time I went on vacation we were reading the last chapter of Kiki. Needless to say, I didn’t even bother bringing it with me.


Yeah, I’ll be away for much of October. Not really planning to bring either Aria or Non Non Biyori with me…


Ahaha, such disdain :joy:

Yeah, I’m excited! And I’ve got some long train journeys which should be perfect for reading :wink: bit more difficult than usual to access the vocab lists and dictionaries when you’re on holiday though.

@Belthazar so you’re reading the whole thing in advance, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering it. Then I’ll stick my thoughts and queries in a spoiler box labeled “do not open until October 7th” or whatever.

That’s just gonna get buried in the thread, though…


No, that sounds exciting! It’s like a (very short lifespan) time capsule, from Belthazar of the past!


Wooh, volume 2 is here!


MAL lists Aqua as having 10 chapters and Aria as having 67. But going through the table of contents for Aria the Masterpiece, I count 78 chapters in total… Did I miscount or is there actually an extra chapter? :thinking:


Aqua has 11 chapters in my edition. :woman_shrugging:
The 11th one is 風邪とプリン

Edit: looking at the table of contents, it was not in the first edition. So there is an extra chapter, since the second edition.


Yeah, that must be it.

I tried to search specifically for Aria the Masterpiece chapters and look what happened.



Yeah, it’s 風邪とプリン.

Wikipedia has seventy-eight.


Does anyone else immediately jump to the color pages to see how beautiful they are? :grin:


I don’t have those :cry:


If it makes you feel any better, we don’t seem to have the author’s afterwords…


That’s a shame. I’ll post pictures of them when we get to those chapters if I remember.


Oh! That would be nice :heart_eyes:


How about the one from back in Navigation 2 to start with? I’d do it myself, but the lighting isn’t very good here…



Volume 1 Color Pictures


Missed this at the time, but I’m the opposite; I’m desperately trying not to spoil the colour pages for myself before I get to that point in the text :grin: it’s so hard to resist