Aria the Masterpiece Home Thread (Beginner Book Club / Aria Book Club)


Decisions decisions haha. :laughing:


I picked it because I’m not confident my book will arrive in time, no. Even if it arrives on the Monday (27th), I’m going on the most inconveniently timed holiday ever, so I’ll have missed it until I get back.

Worst-case scenario is that neither non non biyori nor Aria arrive before I leave, in which case I’ll have two chapters of Aria and one chapter of non non biyori to catch up on my return, in two days :grin: but hopefully at least one will arrive in time for me to take it on holiday (they’re in separate orders).

I think I’d be able to catch up. It’s hard to say for non non biyori and new always equals difficult, but I’ve been finding Aria fine (except that crystallisation explanation omg). Obviously from an entirely selfish point of view I’d prefer a later date, but I really don’t mind if we start on the 25th (and that’s what I’ve been expecting).


I have no idea when my books will arrive. Start earlier if you like - I’ll just catch up if I need to.


@Naphthalene I added the schedule for volume 2 in the first post. Please add the chapter and page numbers for the original Aria when you get a chance. I think I got all the chapter names right, but if I made any mistakes feel free to fix those too. :laughing:


I finally had time to sit down and do it!


Thanks! :blush:

EDIT: @Naphthalene FYI I used 17.5 instead of “special” so all the Special Navigation chapters can easily be distinguished in the table and chapter topic titles.


I see. For consistency, I changed it to fit that format.


Oooo I didn’t even realize we were continuing on with Aria! :durtle_love:

I’ve been catching up on the last few chapters these past few days and it’s been such an enjoyable read, I was getting sad seeing the number of pages left dwindling :see_no_evil: (also, your comments in the discussion threads have been very entertaining)

Just ordered vol 2, should be here within the next week! 楽しみにしているよ :grin:


I have been hugely enjoying getting occasional likes from you on previous chapter threads, steadily drawing closer and closer to the current chapter :grin:

So excited you will be reading the next volume too! :durtle_love:




I’m going to create a separate vocab sheet for volume 2 if nobody has any objections.


Vocab sheet for volume 2 is here, for those who like to fill it in early. :slight_smile:



These arrived in the mail today - in time for the weekend! happy dance! :laughing:


Ooo. This image suggests an answer to one question you had in the chapter nine thread about when the covers were drawn - it’s a teensy bit spoilerish, but Aika’s hairstyle on the cover of volume 3 is one that she doesn’t change to until the next volume, suggesting strongly they were drawn afterwards. For some reason, I didn’t notice that until now.


I assume the Masterpiece covers were all drawn when that version was published, after the series had already been completed.


I have been so baffled as to why her hair is like that - thank you!


Aye, that was my thought too.


By the way, is there a reason we’re reading 17.5 with chapter 18 rather than chapter 17? Chapter 17 is the shorter of the two :thinking:


I can switch it if you want. I didn’t have a particular reason to put it with 18.


I’m not too fussed, was just curious :slightly_smiling_face: but 18 is a bit longer, so it might make sense.