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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 69: 未来


Start Date: January 11th
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Oh no, Alicia is possessed by a demon! (page 286)

Oh and there’s 贔屓 again. :joy:

To talk about grammar for once, I find the construction on page 296 その道は始まりも違えば終わりも違う to be quite strange. Like, I know what it means, but the ば makes it weird because it’s so unlike the other use of ば.

That was a really nice chapter. It was really sad, but of course Akari is still Akari. I’m glad she found the positive in it by seeing it as people moving forward instead of people splitting apart.


I read it likeばほど-bahodo/ without the ほど

I’ve watched few of the anime episodes but I don’t know if it can live up to the fine drawings in the manga.

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Pretty sure it’s this: も~ば~も (JLPT N2) | Bunpro – Japanese Grammar Explained
I couldn’t find it in any of my dictionaries to cross-reference, but it makes sense given the context.

The animation is honestly the biggest drawback to the anime. The manga’s art is significantly higher quality.

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Ever since I first saw this ending of the series, I admit I’ve never been a huge fan of it at all. The sudden retirement is one thing, but marriage? To who? That, and I kinda didn’t want it to end.

Page 276: What’s 寿引退?

Discussion of plots and themes

So, Naphthalene expressed mild surprise last week that Akari’s graduation was not the final chapter of the manga; here’s my opinion why: Because Akari’s grauduation is not one of the main themes of the manga. This chapter is.

Oh, Akari’s graduation certainly ties into the main theme in that graduating is one of the things that happens when you become an adult, but it was only Akari’s goal, not the theme. The primary theme being basically the same as the Star Trek TNG finale: All Good Things Must Come To An End. Someday you grow up, and you put away your childish things, and sometimes that means you part ways with your friends and comrades too.

And honestly, I think that’s kinda sad. And not really at all the ending I wanted from Aria.

In some ways, it’s heavy-handed. Things change when you grow, sure - but for Alicia to leave and get married the instant Akari matures? It’s too sudden. And yeah, there’s the aspect that Akari could have graduated ages ago except that Alicia was holding her back, but still… Plus, it makes Aria Company look like the Sith - always two there are: a master, and an apprentice.

Turns out Alice graduating from middle school was quite the catalyst, hey?

This chapter’s furigana title is also the subtitle of Aria the Avvenire, the post-series OAVs, released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the anime’s first season. And in my opinion, Avvenire exists only to drive home the main themes of the series with a sledgehammer.

Brief plot summary of Avvenire

Avvenire uses the stories of Ai, Aika’s student Azusa and Alice’s student Anya meeting up and becoming friends (as their mentors and grand-mentors did before them) as a way of introducing manga chapters that hadn’t previously been animated as flashbacks - episode 1 is Alicia’s un-birthday (from Navigation 56), episode 2 is Akari’s final meeting with Cait Sith (from Navigation 63), while episode 3 is basically a brief summary of the overall story - and primarily Akari’s hiring and Alicia’s retirement - from Alicia’s point of view. Point is, it absolutely bears down with gusto on the point that growing up means sometimes leaving things behind - like friends. It’s not helped by the fact that Athena barely appears (both of her voice actresses had died from cancer in the interim, so she’s only heard singing Lumis Eterne from one of the soundtracks).

Well, it’s kinda ironic you said that, because I was actually about to praise one aspect of the anime version of this chapter: namely, that it takes the time to show Alicia’s actual retirement ceremony.

(Uh. Ignore the Chinese subtitles. It’s the only one I could find. Also, just stop at the halfway mark - for some reason, the video repeats again but with no audio the second time.)


Yeah, marriage?! Sure we know about wannabe Akatsuki but he has no chance. So??


For some reason I imagine it as an arranged/political marriage related to her new job. Which makes no sense, but for some reason that’s what I see in my head.

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Well, at least it seems 暁 is as surprised as me (and @Belthazar the rest of us, having a quick look at the comments above).

Interestingly, the furigana in my version is just みらい…

The part where 灯里 panics when she notices アリシア isn’t around and then has an almost ヤンデレ moment with her really got me. It really drives home how much she is affected despite keeping (usually) her composure.

I guess next chapter is a 10 years later kind of ending. Well, I like those, so that’s fine with me!


Adding another vote for WHAT to who though, like don’t we even get to see? I feel like there’s definitely been hints about her having a boyfriend before, but still, what
I’m not super surprised that Alicia ended up retiring, but this whole ending to the series is starting to feel a bit abrupt or rushed to me. Probably because the manga has been the exact opposite of rushed the rest of the time xD It really is like the entire manga took place in this single, infinite moment of time. And now all of a sudden, time’s stopped standing still. Their little bubble is rapidly disintegrating into thin air, and Alicia being around was kind of like the final little bit that remained from “how things were before.”

Man, when Akari started talking about how even though it felt like they were all walking on the same road, everyone’s really always been walking their own road, I just…that whole page really got me right in the feels, ugh. Why can’t we ever just end up on the same road and stay there :cry:


I also got really emotional reading that page.

As long as our roads intersect from time to time, all is well. :blush:


I know you’re being poetic, but it did recently occur to me that perhaps the chapters are out of order, and in fact Akari’s only been on Aqua for a single year - i.e. all the “summer” chapters are the same summer, and so forth. It would explain why time never seems to advance at all. Also explains why in the entire run of the manga, we only saw one New Year, one Epiphania, one character’s birthday, and so forth. We do see the night-shine bell festival twice, though, and it probably stops working when you start plotting character introductions on a timeline.