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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 66: 生き人形


Start Date: December 21st
Previous Chapter: Chapter 65
Next Chapter: Chapter 67

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… Wait, what, that’s it?
Is the moral of the story that change happens and that’s it?
Only highlight of the chapter for me was that 匣 kanji one page before last. It’s one of my favorite recently (as made clear by the fact that my IME proposed it first :stuck_out_tongue:)


Well that was…unexciting xD
It’s weird thinking about how Alice wouldn’t be practicing with them all the time anymore :cry: The separation is startingggg. I guess the point of the chapter is that we all want to hold onto those happy moments forever, but we can’t because life is always changing. …That doesn’t really make me feel any better, old man xD

I really like this kanji too! I’d never seen it before but it’s so cute to me for some reason
It’s like a little turtle shell in a box :smile:


Yeah, got to the end of the chapter and that’s all there is? ok.
Can I have some more story please?


Little cameo by Akari’s box of treasures from Navigation 64. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s pretty much the moral of the whole manga, so yeah, I’d say so. My take: This chapter is emphasising the main themes of the manga as part of the leadup to the grand finale - we’re definitely in the endgame now. Aside from anything else, that’s an extremely pointed shot of the Aria Company building in the fourth panel of page 189.

Yeah, after last week’s momentous chapter, it’s kinda back to daily life in Neo Venezia.


After 箱, my IME suggested 函. :laughing:

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It looks like the plot has been extensively discussed already, so I won’t rehash that. :wink:

I would like to say that this chapter reminded me how much I love the artwork in this series. The different perspectives, the dappled shadows from the tree they are sitting under, the light on the water, the attention to detail. It’s all so beautiful. I have never seen the anime but I’m not sure I want to, as from the few images I’ve seen from it on line, it just doesn’t look as good as the book.