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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 56: 裏誕生日


Start Date: October 5th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 55
Next Chapter: Chapter 56.5

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Since chapter order is a bit messed up compared to the standard edition of Aria, I’m going to post omake from under the jacket here.


Well, I’m glad this chapter addressed the problem of age, because I was quite curious about that.
Still, how did the main protagonist fail to notice that after all this time?


I’m kind of annoyed that 大忙し isn’t 大忙しい. That’s all for now.

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And it’s a noun, not an adjective :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: actually my dictionary also mentions its a 形容動詞 :thinking:

Also my first time seeing 大げさ as 大袈裟. Anyway, that was a nice chapter.

Does she ever notice anything before it’s conveniently introduced in a particular chapter?


So, how long do you think a Martian cat lives for?



I was gonna suggest maybe not posting that until we finish the volume. It’s got a teensy bit of a spoiler for the final special navigation.

:thinking: I guess it’s a “you need to know it to see it”.
But yeah, obviously, you are indeed supposed to have read that before getting here. Due to wacky chapter order, things changed a bit, but eh. It’s like that time it spoiled the new haircut from 藍華, I guess.


As for the chapter itself, I’m a little bit bugged by the slight implication that this is 2302, despite the first chapter showing that Akari landed in 2301, and that was at least two summers ago. I mean, there’s no “you are here” on 22ember of 2302, but it certainly implies that’s where we are. But yay, finally proof that when Akira says she’s 20, she doesn’t actually mean 40.

Another chapter in the major recurring theme of people drifting apart as time passes… not entirely sure that’s the best description of the theme, though. Like, they achieved their goals, but lost their childhood times of hanging out with friends…

At the end, I’d call their coincidental meeting a bit contrived, but hey, the magic of Neo Venezia. Also, it’s a small word after all - I remember on my last day in Venice, I attempted to walk all the way from one end of town to the other while my parents went to see museums and stuff, but when they called on the phone to see where I was up to, we were standing maybe a hundred metres away from each other.


I kind of liked getting a glimpse of the Aria Company operations and Akari’s daily routine/tasks in this chapter ^^

omg, Akari has no chill on pg 164 xD Akira’s just like…k.

I love the Alice face on Aqua at the bottom of pg 166. And of course, Akari is the sun :joy:

Personally, I can totally relate to Athena on pg 167, I forget my own age a lot too :upside_down_face:

Ok, but what is up with the spelling of Akira’s full name? 晃 E. フェラーリ? Like…how? Why? What? xD What does the E stand for :o …I bet it’s Elizabeth.

This just makes me think that everyone’s always forgotten Akari’s 裏誕生日 :o …Aww, no, that’s sad


Somehow, I’m under the impression that we have seen it before. Maybe when she was first introduced as a character?
In any case, my main issue with that part is that it feels so unnatural to call someone by their full name like that… Maybe that’s just me though.

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I think calling someone by their full name (especially with just an initial for the middle name) gives the impression of that person being high class. I can’t point to any examples though. It’s just a feeling I have.

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Oh really? I feel like I would have remembered something that weird-looking :thinking: But it’s also possible that it was so long ago that I forgot. xD

Wasn’t she introducing herself in that part, so as not to be (totally) rude to the VIPs on Alicia’s gondola? I feel like she was just being extra formal, giving her full name. Personally I wouldn’t verbally introduce myself with my middle initial, but :woman_shrugging: it does strike me as a “high society” thing to do.

Oh, yes, she was! I should stop commenting without checking the book; my memory is apparently crap.

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Yeah, but why’s Aika the Earth? She was born on Mars - has she even been to Earth? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you ten as well?

It’s January 30th. But yeah, that she’s unaware of un-birthdays despite being here for mininum four Earth years suggests that noone’s ever celebrated her un-birthday. Still, I’m happy to leave that back to my “Akari is the quantum observer” theory - it doesn’t exist at all until Akari has been made aware of it.

Aika’s name is 藍華·S·グランチェスタ, which might be what you’re thinking of. It’s the pattern all Himeya employees follow. Question is, do they only hire people with a Japanese given name, romaji middle initial and katakana surname, or do they change their names after hiring? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh! That must be it!
It’s not like I ever trusted my memory anyway.

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