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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 67: 薔薇の名前


Start Date: December 28th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 66
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A few pages in (7 if you count the title pages and so on)
Do you think 晃 was saving that shop recommendation for the day she needed a random excuse like now? :joy:

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I’ll be honest, I didn’t really follow what happened at the end of this chapter. Did Akira ask Aika if she liked the name she was considering for Aika’s Prima name? I’m thinking that because of the 本人の希望 line, but other than that (if I’m even right for that) I don’t really understand anything that happened from どれがいい.

Aye, she’s asking for feedback from Aika, but don’t forget that what’s written on the paper is names like わがまま女王クイーン and 泣き虫セレナーデ. Or, that’s the impression I’ve always gotten - I feel like she only came up with “Rozen Queen” in that moment. That impression is probably shaped by the anime, which shows the paper reads “La pincipessaprobizione, La serenata piagnone, Solo di maschietta” for about three frames before she scrunches it up.

Is this the first time Alice’s surname gets used in the manga?


姫社長 with paw in the air on p 204
I loved Aika’s take on Alice’s promotion.
Also the flashback on p208 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If it is then it must’ve been somewhere else I saw it online recently and realised the obvious Lewis C. reference.


Yes, I remember thinking the same thing. I think she uses her full name when she introduced herself the first time they met.

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No, she just introduces herself as “Alice”. I brought it up back in the chapter 57 discussion, but I’m pretty sure it’s not in the manga before this point.

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It is on the inside cover page for volume 5, since she’s the character displayed for that volume.


It could have been there.
Or somewhere else.