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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 47: 記憶喪失


Start Date: August 3rd
Previous Chapter: Chapter 46
Next Chapter: Chapter 47.5

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Well, said grammar point was AがてらB.
People keep telling me it’s too formal and that I can’t use it in a regular conversation. I’LL SHOW THEM! I’LL SHOW THEM ALL!


Apparently nobody uses the vocab sheet anymore. It doesn’t even have tabs beyond chapter 42.

Indeed. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly been just me for a while, and I stopped bothering several chapters ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never used it to begin with, but I think anyone who had come this far would probably not need it anymore… by which I mean that I feel like half the vocab you would need to look up would be different from the other people reading, so the list would not help. Conversely, the words you may want to add to wouldn’t help anyone else…
It would be a different story if we were a large reading group, but we aren’t. (I like it this way, though).

Back to the story, so, if Athens can indeed prevent herself from being clumsy… why is she? Is it self-sabotage from being unable to cope with fame or something? I don’t really think the story would ever provide an explanation, but I can’t help wondering.


Heh, Athens.

Because it’s too tiring. Final page of the chapter, first panel. (Though speaking of that panel… is Maa-kun just tucked under Athena’s arm?)


@Belthazar Looks like Maa-kun has been absorbed into her arm.

What page was that on again?

Looks like the special navigation is just 14 pages. Should we also just read that this week?


Gah, so annoying to type on a phone…

Anyway, no, she said that about being cleaning all the things
(Or did I misunderstand the meaning of that word)

Oh, I did. テキパキ: briskly. Still, that’s not related to being clumsy. Plus Alice asks her to stop being clumsy for now just after.

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And here I was just thinking it was a random vocab word that I didn’t know… でっかい勉強になりました!
@seanblue it’s p226, at the top


I don’t see anything indicating she’s referring to that specifically.

Well, if she’s so clumsy tripping all the time, she’s probably not doing very much briskly.


Right, but she doesn’t have to be like that and still manage to not be clumsy. Which should not be too tiring :thinking:

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By the way, my misunderstanding came from the fact that てきぱき showed up first as an onomatopoeia for her cleaning the room. I thought it meant “tidy” or something.

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So, where exactly is Alicia going on foot with a shoulder bag?



I don’t really understand why Athena can’t just keep trying not to be clumsy until it makes her less tired, but… aside from that, this was a nice chapter, even if it kind of felt like there should have been way easier methods for finding out what Alice thought :sweat_smile: (but I guess some of those may not have made for much of a story)


But then she’d no longer have her Endearing Character Trait, and then who would she be?

Well, that’s part of her clumsiness too, I’d say.


I was using it and occasionally contributing, but opted to just use jisho to look up things with the latest volume.

Even though it was the normal length, that chapter seemed like an easy read.
I wonder if we will get to see Maa with hat soon?


I haven’t got the foggiest idea how simple clumsiness could have possibly destroyed the hat so easily. Perhaps the worksmanship was not entirely up to par.