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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 43: 鏡


Start Date: June 29th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 42
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Well, that was pretty straightforward. :slightly_smiling_face:

I admit I’m a tiny bit confused as to why Akari says セーフ on page 72, because nothing that Athena is holding in the fourth panel is visible anywhere in the fifth panel. Did it land on the floor, perfectly upright? :stuck_out_tongue:

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This chapter was so cute!
I love p69 where ARIA社長 is trying to avoid Maaくん :joy:


Nah, I think the author just forgot to draw it.

Also p94, the bite mark :joy:

P91: I need those slippers!

Also, I hope this chapter won’t have too much influence on Alice’s personality. I like her frowning, triangular-mouthed face.


Lies! Slander! Amano-sensei forgets nothing!

The slippers?


That’s obviously what I said.


This chapter was really cute! Once I figured out what the heck つい was supposed to mean. Only took me like most of the chapter to finally understand the exchange on pg 73-74 :woman_facepalming: Have I said before how much I love Athena and Alice? :hugs:

For some reason Athena’s face on pg 72 made me laugh out loud, she looks like a frog tripping and I love her :joy:

Maa-kun is so freaking cute when they run (I’m guessing I missed the introduction of this character because I skipped the last part of volume 4, but Maa-kun looks like a floppy stuffed animal come to life, which is adorable, especially when Alice cuddles them :heart:)

Right? I need Alice-face in my life xD

Alice-face for life


It was chapter 38, if you want to go back and check :slight_smile:


Yeahhh it looks I stopped somewhere in the middle of chapter 36, so I would’ve missed that one. More incentive to go back, then, I guess ^^


Yesss! Do it! :smile:

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I was wondering if the plot was going to turn somewhat adversarial. We haven’t seen too much of Maa until now. The chasing Aria and trying to climb the bed bits were definitely a highlight of the chapter.
More Maa!
More Alice Face!
I’m in favor of it!


Though Aria’s face in those panels is pretty much screaming “psychological damage!” :stuck_out_tongue:


On pages 88-89 I’m just imagining Aika eavedropping and then going 恥ずかしいセリフ禁止!.

If you’re referring to Maa-kun, it was chapter 39. @windupbird I highly recommend going back to read that chapter. It’s easily one of my favorite chapters from the series so far. :slight_smile:


What the? I checked at the time, just to be sure. I guess I checked wrong.


I actually finished reading the rest of volume 4 this weekend! So I’m caught up for real now, haha (minus the current week’s reading). I’m glad that I did, because I really enjoyed the last 2 chapters in particular. Maa-kun’s origin story chapter was so good, it actually made me tear up omg, when Alice left Maa-kun in the box :sob: All my emotions