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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 64: 休日


Start Date: December 6th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 63
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Fun fact: The furigana of this chapter’s title, アリテッタ, happens to also be the subtitle of the OVA that comes between Aria the Natural and Aria the Origination. They’re not even remotely the same story, though.

Look, everyone! Casual clothes!

Page 124, that thing Aria’s holding… is that a rice cracker as big as his head? And then there’s the WcDonald’s potato wedges…


Is it just me, or did Akari’s face look kind of weird in a few of the panels in this chapter?

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I don’t think they look weird. We don’t really ever see Akari asleep, so perhaps that’s it.

Her faces on page 119, though…


Maybe it’s just me :woman_shrugging: More specifically, I thought the neck twist she does(I think it was shortly after waking up) looked like it would be really uncomfortable when I read it earlier(but I guess that’s not just the face)

That’s also just based on what I remember thinking when I read it earlier today though, so it’s possible it’d look totally normal to me if I looked at it now.

Alright, after actually trying it: that’s definitely really uncomfortable, at least for me

Now my neck hurts…


The neck twist she does on page 121, where she’s lying on her back, but in the next panel, she’s looking under the bed? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t really see any other neck twists that’d be difficult to pull off (you mean page 120? That’s barely a slight incline of the head) but please don’t do yourself a spinal injury just to prove a point.


Don’t worry, I’ll just accept that I’m not very flexible and move on!

For something completely unrelated: that a lot of food for one person and a cat!


Akari in a hat just feels wrong…


Akari in that hat looks absolutely fine. I like her shoes too.
Aria社長 in the strawberry hat with matching nappy, however… ewwwww.

Also, Humpty Dumpty man on p132… ?

Like at the top of p133? Although that could be junk food induced coma face…

In related news… I am finally caught up and hope to finish the remaining chapters of the book at the same time as everyone else! :tada:


what else do you do on your day off than indulge in 食べ放題 by eating all the pizza and WcDonalds you can ?

presumably that’s not something you do every day

Didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out. lol.

Baseball caps are fashionable in Japan, so of course NeoVenizia as well.


Oh, it’s the guy from the Bridge of Sighs chapter. With his little cart.

I wonder if he ever got to where he was going.