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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 33: 流星群の夜

Start Date: March 16th
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… Just how long were Akari and Aika waiting on that bridge for Alice to show before Akari remembered that Alice called her specifically to say she wasn’t coming? Or, I guess 連絡 could mean she contacted Akari telepathically, right at that moment…

Aria’s face on page 81. “Hime touched me!” (#^.^#)

Uta della Casanova showing up again on page 86-87

Did… did Akari just step clean off the side of the building on page 95? She completely vanishes between panels.



I thought so too, until she reappears completely healthy. I wonder if she indeed tried to leave them alone… That being said, Akari seems a bit too abscentminded to do that kind of thing on purpose.

On that last topic Aika finding creative ways to invite Al while keeping the others away. Nice.

Also that last line from Al. That’s military grade flirtonium right there… Or was it? His ええー in the last panel (instead of a laugh or something) makes me wonder. The will-they-won’t-they intensifies.


Oh, I’m quite certain he’s completely oblivious. Doesn’t even realise he’s been making a metaphor either. That said, the ええー is just the standard response to 恥ずかしいセリフ禁止.


As in a foot in the face to keep him at bay? Pretty funny.

“military grade flirtonium” lol. Check out the panels of Aika p.97,103,104 "ドキ” !


Not to mention 105. :slightly_smiling_face:

For sure. I can’t make out what Akari is saying in that omake panel though. Can you read it?


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So like, “Hey, there’s smoke coming out of your head!” kind of thing.

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I did read this chapter last week, but was too busy to post about it.

I had missed that! :joy:

I am impressed that no-one put their head out of a window and asked them to put a sock in it!

p91 onwards - those roof tiles cannot be comfortable to sit on! But kudos to Aika for negotiating ladder and roof in completely ridiculous footwear.

Not only that, but she appears to leap from one building to the next on p101?!

:joy: I love this expression so much.


It looks like both buildings are touching, if I remember correctly? The other building being a little bit taller. I just thought that 灯里 was being equal to herself (is that a French expression?) and just went ahead without thinking ‘cause the view would be obviously better.
(Also, plot/tension)

Another chapter down. Cute chapter, nice visuals, and easy to understand. I’m definitely a fan of Aika x Al.

Although, I have to say, Akari should watch her hand gestures.