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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 47.5: 女心


Start Date: August 10th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 47
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Aaaaand the reveal will have zero impact on the story.

Fav sentence though:



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What’s with the Stars of David on page 250?

I picture page 256 is some kind of roar from the depths of Hell. :slightly_smiling_face:

Last page, does カミングアウト having some meaning aside from “coming out of the closet”? Because surely the opposit is applying here. :stuck_out_tongue:

What? No, this changes everything.


It doesn’t have a different meaning, as far as I know.
I don’t see it has the opposite by the way (like, going in the closet? I don’t even know how you’d manage that.) But anyway, it’s not like まぁクン was hiding anything.

I thought the reveal had no impact since they chose to maintain the status quo and keep using 君


Well, it’s the reverse in that Akari’s realisation that Maa-kun’s interest in Aria was actually love would be coming out of the closet if Maa-kun were male, but she’s not, so there’s no closet to come out of, and Akari only had the realisation after learning Maa-kun’s gender… so… uh… I have no idea.

That was a joke. Pretty sure it never gets mentioned again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really enjoyed this chapter, even laughing out loud in several places, like when Hime-sama took off.

How can you go past もちもちぽんぽん?I just need some way to use that in real life. :joy:


Right? That top panel on pg 252 was so majestic, and then that middle panel :joy:

I feel bad for アリア社長 though, I think Maa-kun traumatized him way more than the shot did xD I love how the doctor’s like “just hold that, right there, I’mma give this tiny cat a shot real quick while it’s sinking its teeth into your flesh


Or, its weird muppet mouth.


This chapter made me very uncomfortable. I really hate needles! :fearful:


That was short and pretty funny. I also have no idea why everyone is striking a cool pose in the thing at the start of the chapter, but I like it.

The effect used for Maa’s “maaaaa” kind of reminded me of seeing the same effect used fo earthquakes and stuff in some other manga - that must be one loud “Maaaaaaa” :sweat_smile: .

Also, でっかい randomly popped up in another book I was reading, so that made me think of Aria.


In… in the title page? What are title pages for, if not cool poses?


Well, this was the only one so far I found worth mentioning because of cool poses :stuck_out_tongue: (It’s also the only one that actually has poses that look like “cool” is what they’re going for so far in this volume, but to be honest, I don’t actually remember what the ones from previous volumes looked like so there may have been more there)

Not that I would mind if there were more though

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Funny cat stuff is always good.
Poor アリア社長 though. Always being traumatised by Maa.
I thought there would be more to their medical examination than just getting a jab but I guess that’s where the comedy was to be found.


Annual vaccination I guess?


定期健診日 was how it was decribed.


In the future a single shot fixes all your problems (except for getting a cold in the next chapter).


And also a diet.