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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 30: レデントーレ

Start Date: February 9th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 29
Next Chapter: Chapter 31 (volume 4)

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藍華 and アル got suspiciously close.

As usual, the end of chapter/book omake:

Boy, I suck at anything that even remotely involves art.


Akari’s description of the Redentore fesival is pretty much exactly how it’s celebrated in Venice today, with one important omission: they also build a pontoon bridge connecting the Zattere area of the Dorsoduro district with Giudecca, across the Giudecca Canal. It was originally built so that the Doge and his officials could go to pray at the Redentore church.

(Not the greatest ever video. In fact, it’s extremely shaky. It’s the best one I can find that doesn’t merely show the fireworks, though.)

Also, the Lido is essentially the barrier island that separates the Venetian Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea as a whole. It’s where we get the name of a cruise ship’s lido deck from.

Nice chapter. Just two small queries:

  • Last panel of page 347, I get that Alicia’s telling them it’s going to be their job this year, but exactly what word in that sentence conveys that, precisely?
  • Second-last panel of 355, again I get the gist, but… やることなすこと? “Doing and doing”?

Also, the second-last panel of 359, I was amused by Akari copying Woody’s speech pattern, only more polite. And the big panel on 347 is… not the smoothest-looking panel of manga I’ve ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finished volume 3 - yay!


I finally caught up - just in time for the end of the book xD

I liked the bottom panel of pg 369 :smiley_cat: Also love how Grandma is constantly surrounded by the cats xD It was cute how excited Alice got when Grandma showed up :blush:

I’m thinking that panel might just be in contrast to what Aika said in the previous panel? Aika wonders where they will be invited to this year to celebrate, and Alicia says, “This year, we’ll be the inviting side.” And then on pg 348 is when they find out that the 3 of them are going to be responsible for the whole thing. Not super sure, though. And I did find this on やることなすこと…I think it’s kind of just like “everything we did,” but I’m not really sure how it fits into the rest of that sentence (when the sentences are broken up in those square boxes over multiple panels, it really throws me off tbh, I feel like I have a much harder time understanding them in general)
I feel like I probably should’ve just left this to the professionals lol


Looks to me like you did fine, though :ok_hand:


I’d totally ship them. I think they’d make a cute couple.

I agree with @windupbird’s assessment. (P.S. Welcome back!). Specifically the contrast is される versus する.

My observations:

  • Page 353: Looks like Aria is rowing for a bit. :sweat_smile:
  • Page 359: Wow, nice callback to the パンツ incident. Poor Akari looks so embarrassed. :laughing:
  • Page 361: Akatsuki and Aika are seriously clapping because Alicia arrived? なぜか拍手 indeed.
  • Also, as usual I don’t pay close attention, so I only finally noticed Aria wearing the little maid thing on his head on page 371, even though you can see it as far back as page 357.

Aria always rows, don’cha know? But yeah, it kinda looks like Aika drops the oar for just an instant, and then she’s back again in the following panel.

Wouldn’t you?

Aye, same here - when @windupbird mentioned the cats hanging around Grandma, I went to have a look, and in one of the later panels, after everyone’s drunk, I noticed Aria had the head dress on, so I wondered whose he was wearing, only to notice the three girls still had theirs on. So I flipped back to see where it turned up, and discovered he’d been wearing it the entire night…


And here I come, late to the party… just call me Al… :wink:

My first reaction to this chapter was “it must be the end of a series - how many more characters can we shoehorn into a single episode?” And how convenient that a bunch of them already seem to know each other. :joy:

My favourite parts included:

  • bottom of p346 when Akari pauses after reeling off all her knowledge of Redentore, finds Aika unable to add anything extra, and then celebrates with Aria社長
  • top of p349 when the 3 musketeers are briefly too gobsmacked to reply
  • Alicia & Akira’s exchange in the middle of p350

Did anyone else think the 郵便屋のおじさん looked way younger with his hat off? (p358)
And I didn’t get why they served Al juice when they know he is older than he looks…?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the continuing adventures, although I will have less free time over the next 4 months and am not sure how well I will be able to keep up. 感謝 to the kind people who are still populating the vocab list, it has certainly saved me quite a bit of time.


Aye, that was rather a coincidence. Three people that Akari randomly met on separate occasions just happen to be childhood friends.

Isn’t she celebrating because Aika said 正解? Or is she saying that herself?

Not really? Maybe it’s the hair…

Running joke - he looks like a kid, but acts like an old man. Notice how in most close-up panels, he’s seated with 郵便屋のおじさん, matching him comment-for-comment.

Mind you, the Japanese drinking age is 20, so under that restriction, the only people in the room old enough to drink are 郵便屋のおじさん, Grandma, and Akira. Italian drinking age is 18, though 16- and 17-year-olds are permtted one glass of beer or wine with a meal in a restaurant. That still means Alice shouldn’t be getting alcohol, mind.


Yay! I’m all caught up! Just in time for tomorrow :wink:
Looking froward to reading together from now on instead of binge reading all at once :rofl:


*Spends all day refreshing the forum looking for new threads.*


I think I might have to make you take over for volume 5. :wink:

Oh, nono. I couldn’t hope to match the abilites of the Master Starter.

But then the thread would come into existence in the exact moment you wanted to discuss the chapter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, I’ve barely gotten out of bed. Haven’t even looked at the book yet. :stuck_out_tongue: