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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 31: 郵便屋さん

Start Date: March 2nd
Previous Chapter: Chapter 30 (volume 3)
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I technically just don’t have the book with me at the moment and am not really behind yet, but I figure it makes sense to vote for that option anyway if I won’t be able to read the chapter until the week after.

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Oh, Aria. How I’ve missed you so.

Akari, what’re you doing on the title page? Flashing your panties to the town again? (Also, why’s she still in the summer uniform?)

I’m amused at Aria continuing to spin around for the next four pages or so. And also Aria switching his hat for a postman’s hat. (I thought I remembered a panel showing that he’d forgotten to switch it back at the end of the day, but I can’t find it now. Maybe it was in the anime.)

According to Aria the Origination, the post office doesn’t seem to exist in the real world. In my mind, though, it does vaguely resemble this building, albeit round rather than angled (I’d imagine several buildings in Venice would also fit the bill, mind, but this one happens to be in Cannaregio)

(Took that photo meself.)


I don’t recall seeing this mentioned before, so not sure if this is included in the Masterpiece edition or not…
But I have the original version, and in the back of each volume is a photo of Aria, the real cat inspiration :slight_smile:

If these are indeed missing, I can share the others as well (different image each time =^_^= )
Real Aria has the stumpy tail, but isn’t really that plump though :thinking:

Also, that plushie version in this image looks cute! <3


I’m technically @Ditto20 right now
In terms of situation and decision making process


They are missing, from every edition I’ve encountered. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of Aria before.

Is the real-life Hime included in them?

I think technically Ditto becomes you, not the other way around. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll share the others too then!
Since they are in no way spoilery, I can just add them all on the main page =)

I’ve only noticed Aria so far.

Edit: I was wrong! There is Hime! <3

All have been added to the original thread now =)

They are found here in the back of the dust cover by the way;

Hm, just realized, the text under is related… might add new images with the text later =P
Guess I’ve completely ignored it :wink:


Did anyone actually read this chapter other than Belthazar?

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The week isn’t over yet D:
But really I’ve been sick the entire week, so no, I haven’t read the chapter xD Most of my free time has been spent sleeping or staring spacily at the wall.

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon!

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Thanks :slight_smile: It hasn’t been a fun week, but I’m definitely on the mend now ^^

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Yes, but it was a couple of weeks ago, and I was finding more interesting things to do than re-read it. :joy:

I’m sure 郵便のおじさん is perfectly harmless, but I still find him slightly creepy. Not to mention a little bit of a challenge to understand at times. Once I figured out つー was という it was a bit easier.

p.7 I love how Aria社長 just keeps on dancing!
p.16 恥ずかしい体操禁止!
p.21 :rofl:
p.27 I do get the strong impression that this episodeはthe Japanese postal serviceの提供でお送りしました!
I kept hoping that something mysterious was going to happen… but alas not.

Nice shot. :grinning:
I’m not envious at all. Much.


Well, I haven’t read it yet (still nowhere near the manga itself). But I will!

Hello Team ARIA - I was in the car this afternoon when we drove past this, and I thought of you!

(Please excuse the terrible quality - picture taken on a phone, at a distance, from a fast moving vehicle, through railings). But it’s actually a gondola!! I had no idea there were any operating here.


I’m catching up!!

I was bracing for a long session of looking things up after I saw there wasn’t much on the vocab sheet but it turned out to be a fairly easy read.

I liked how everyone got involved in

体操。 I wonder if this is something that they do or did in the Japanese postal service??
I remember flipping through some daytime TV one day in Japan and seeing a short 体操 program with fun music encouraging the viewer to participate.


Pretty sure this is something that practically every company in Japan does.

Or did.