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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 35: 影追い

Start Date: March 30th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 34
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By the way, what does “I’m skipping this book” means?

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Edit: nice.


Should it now be “I’m skipping this series”? :joy:

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Ah!! I didn’t realize that it was the last chapter in my book. Better plan a trip to book-off before next week.

(Other than that, that was an uneventful chapter

until the very end, I had a bad feeling about the guy, and he didn’t look like a cat-person… but I didn’t expect him to just be the owner. That does explain why he is there all year round, though :stuck_out_tongue: )


Ah, Caffe Florian. I’ve been there.


Founded in 1720, it’s said to the world’s oldest cafe, though others disagree (generally those who’d like to claim the title, I suspect). Apparently it was popular in its early years because it was the only coffee house in Venice to admit women. I slightly feel like not excluding half the population would be a pretty good way to be popular anyway. But maybe that’s just me. *Insert tea-sipping Kermit here.*

That said, the activity that goes on in this chapter - specifically, moving all the tables to stay in the shadow of the Campanile - is completely fictional. The Caffe gets a specific area of San Marco Square they’re allowed to use, and they’re just not allowed to wander around. Also, the sitting area is pretty much in the shade of the building along the south side of the square anyway.

Aria, page 150… think you’ve got enough sugar in that hot milk? (Although, since the waiter is presumably listing the drinks in the order he’s serving them, and he’s clearly put Aria’s drink down first, perhaps Aria has the latte and Akari has the hot milk?)

Page 156, some small drawing issues here - specifically, Aria’s teacup has the same design as Akari’s when it’s on his head, before it turns back into his own cup on the following page. Though, how he reached up to his head with those tiny arms is beyond me. Maybe he used his tongue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Think I’d hesistate to use the word 英雄 in reference to Napoleon.

What on Earth happened to Akari’s face on page 170?


Page 175 is he calling Akari the expert of happiness, or himself?

@Naphthalene Oh, you’ve read it already. So, small query: page 162 in the Masterpiece volume, the first narration box reads このカフェ・フロリアンは今から580年ほど前に (emphasis mine). However, the Tokyopop translation says “Caffe Florian was founded in Venice on Manhome about 435 years ago.” What age does your copy give?


Interesting. That makes me wonder how he is seen in other parts of the world. (My history textbook was mostly picturing him as a hero and a badass, who should just have known to quit while he was ahead, but said textbook was also calling the war with Algeria the “Algerian incident”, so probably biased)

About the number of years, I have the same as you.

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The same as which? :stuck_out_tongue:

After the whole Marco Polo / Saint Mark thing from last chapter, I’m trying to figure out whether Tokyopop is attempting to re-write history on the sly, or whether they just plain weren’t paying attention.


580 years.

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Did you get to have coffee with the owner? :slight_smile:

I don’t know about you guys, but I reckon if I had 4 cups of cafe latte, I’d be bouncing off the walls.


I can’t say he made himself known to me. Didn’t see anyone who looks like this guy either, but unless he’s Cait Sith in disguise, it’s possibly not the same guy. :stuck_out_tongue:


I caught up!

Random thoughts

How creepy looking is the cafe owner?
As usual, Aria 社長 saves the chapter by being irresistibly cute e.g. p156 with the cup on his head :joy:
I love the idea of 幸せの達人, and Akari’s face on p175!

Also, I would love for slightly more action in future chapters…

There’s only so much sitting around drinking coffee I can handle!


Better than her looking like a demon on page 172.

Yes please! This chapter was a bit rough since the monologue text is usually more difficult than the dialogue.


She looked into the void, and the void looked back at her.

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Especially when they start getting philosophical. “You’re happy because you’re an expert in happiness who finds the happiness in everything” just turns into a massive 幸せ pileup.