Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 21 Discussion


Yeah, both great aspects of the chapter. Related to that, I liked how Alice is trying to race seriously to prove herself and Akari is like “here, I picked some flowers” :laughing:


I actually don’t think Alice is trying all that hard - that’s just how good she is at rowing. She’s kinda like the shounen rival-type character who’s bored with life because there’s no powerful opponents to challenge. Is how I see it.



I… I’ll read it this evening, I swear!


Yes, how can she possibly be an Undine without metres of hair swirling artistically around her yet never tangling or getting in her face?

Jealous, moi? :stuck_out_tongue:


So I skimmed this chapter a week ago but only going through it properly now.

p.6 How adorable is Aria社長 next to Akari in the middle of the page. In fact the whole “I’m so excited it’s almost embarrassing” thing is rather gorgeous.

p.9 風になることができる。Why 風になる? Does it mean 風を感じる?Or literally feeling as if she is moving through the air like a 風?Could someone please elucidate…

p.19 central left panel
What is the トコ in「あんたのトコは特別ぬるいのっ」please?

No particular page
If you get to be a シングル by displaying ability, how is the demonstrably competent アリス not a シングル yet? Is there an unstated need to be e.g. older than 14歳?



It’s likely up to each individual’s company/mentor. I’m sure we’ll get more information eventually.


Aye, it feels as though she has become one with the wind, sort of thing.

Aye. It’s more than just demonstrating that you have ability, it’s about demonstrating that you’re ready. The mentor decides when it’s time, but the company does have some say too. We will get more information eventually, though with possibly quite a bit of emphasis on “eventually”.


I almost feel like it’s better to not even answer questions about the story since we (particularly you) know so much.


Next chapter is here!


And continuing on…

p.21 Aika’s rant.
I don’t really understand how the ありがたくも works in the middle of that sentence.

I did feel for Akari, being asked to row when it was Aika who set the challenge!

p.23 last box
Just wanting to confirm - if Aika was speaking in 漢字, would that say しっかり戦かい?

p.29, second row
I feel like I get the emotion behind まさかのお情けなら… but not the actual meaning (so many meanings for 情け!) Help please.


I was wondering if it was due to the use of でっかい、which Alice appears to use frequently but Akari normally doesn’t? (Although there may be more than one level of meaning…)


I’m not really sure what Aika is getting at. せんかい could be 旋回, since one of the meanings on jisho is “turning (an aircraft or ship)”. But it’s not clear if that even makes sense.

The meaning here is pity. She’s basically expressing that she’d be upset/annoyed if they took pity on her.


Also @seanblue

No, this is just her accent again.
しっかりしないか? can’t you do it/take it seriously?


Aww, of course. It’s obvious now that you’ve said it.


Nath to the rescue!


OK sorry (not sorry) but I am reading this differently and I need some validation or an explanation of why I’m wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:
Top panel: Above Aika’s head it says げっそり which means dejected. So I took it that Akari and Aika are admitting that they lost the race. Alice asks what the heck is going on. Then comes the 情け phrase. Is she really talking about them feeling sorry for her? Or is she saying that Akari & Aika have been a nuisance and they shouldn’t expect any pity from her? I’m leaning towards the latter interpretation.
Edited to add: @naphthalene resolves it for me below, hoorah. :smiley:

Last, and probably least, I think 姫社長 looks very cute with the flower behind her ear. :cherry_blossom: :smile_cat:


I agree with @seanblue’s translation.
Basically, she is wondering if they lost on purpose because they took pity on her. (Which she would not take kindly). :durtle:


Ohhhh, that finally makes sense. ありがとう!


Finally started reading the book today…
I love Alice’s expressions xD She’s just done.

Definitely looking forward to more of her xD