App no longer available

App is no longer available in the Japanese app store. What the flying fudge… Had to wipe phone today, and was reloading from a cloud backup. The wani kani app could not be downloaded because it is no longer available. I’m pretty pissed, as the ios app was amazing, and that’s how I got the majority of my studying done.

Contact the app creator then.

Yep, to clarify a bit here, the app creator is not Koichi and co. There’s no official WaniKani phone app.


I still wonder why people use apps instead of accessing WK through a browser. WK works perfectly in mobile browsers.


Using mobile browsers is inconvenient in this case. The app had an amazing UI.
Using WK on pc browser is fine, but the mobile app made it perfect for studying on the go.


Just because it works, does not mean it works well. A mobile app is better suited for this. Why should I keep having to pinch the screen to zoom in / out all the damn time while using a mobile browser.


According to The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps there are 3 Android and 3 iOS Apps.
You should probably tell what App you are talking about.
[Client App, Discontinued] WaniKani for Android is available fine.

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I mentioned that this was on IOS + Japan based app store.

It’s the 3rd one, by “haawa”.

Mentioning it in the linked thread might be good then. @haawa might watch that thread.

Because you can not install userscripts on iOS but AlliCrab allows you to use some of them at least for example. Or e.g to have notifications.


I never had to zoom in or out while using it in a mobile browser, but I do have a “plus” model iPhone, so in smaller screens maybe it does get harder to see it comfortably…

EDIT: Nope! Tried on my old and small iPhone 5, it’s still perfect, size and all. I use Safari. Maybe you’re using a worse browser?

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You can change your AppStore country in settings (Settings > iTunes Store and App Store > Apple ID). That’s how i downloaded LINE in Russia.

Sadly it doesn’t. It’s very easy to involuntary swipe left/right rather than scrolling down, and on iOS you can’t use any plugin whereas you can in the app.

Improved focus personally as well as the reorder script. When I’m using a browser it’s too easy to open another tab and get distracted.

I’m not sure what browser you’re using but WK on browser is completely mobile friendly, both on iOS and Android.

This is a screenshot from my iPhone.


The review screens are fine, but the recap at the end of a review is dreadful on mobile. Kanjis are very small and you have to pinch and scroll to see them, and even worse if you want to click on one to see meaning/reading.

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Ok, the quizzes look like this on my phone.

Although smaller, it’s still very readable without a need to zoom in or out.

what about the screen at the end of the review?

What do you mean?

I mean this