I got issues with wanikani mobile app

im using the wanikani android app, and just today notice very annoying issue. the kanji and the answer goes out of sync. so it says my answer is incorrect eventhough i gave the correct answer. the kanji also doesnt progressed so it stuck on the same question all the time eventhough I’ve answered it. the answer kind of progressed but since the kanji displayed never changed I. dont know which one it is trying to ask

if i use the browser it seems ok, the question progressed as im answering them.

having wanikani on mobile app is crucial to my learning. does anyone have the same. issue or any idea what’s wrong.?

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Is that the one that’s just called “WaniKani”? And you can’t download it anymore? The creator might not be supporting it. I have one on my phone like that.

I think there are other Android options anyway.


what do you mean they not suppoting it, I paid for this. what other apps to use? are they using the same login as wanikani?

All the apps are made by users. You had to use your API token right? All the apps use the same API.

yes i use the token. but if the WK app not working anymore do I have to use a different app? Do I lose my progress?

Your progress is here on the main site. Applications just use the API to talk to the main site.

Here’s a thread with a list of apps, though you have to scroll down a bit to reach the Android Apps.

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ok thanks for your help

I have this app as well, WK by Wanikani. For a long time I too thought it was official but nope, it’s just another 3rd party. Unfortunately I was having these same issues and it doesn’t appear to be going away so I just installed flaming durtles. It works just as well. There is an alternative for IOS though I cannot think of the name

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Tsurukame. That’s what I use and I haven’t had any issues out of it. It beats using the mobile website in my opinion.


That WaniKani app, any app, and anything that’s not wanikani.com, are not created by the WaniKani crew. WaniKani’s API is pretty open, allowing anyone to make a “WaniKani App”.
That app is long abandoned, and will shortly be completely dead when API v1 sunsets, if its not dead already.
Always thought that app was shady with how it makes itself look official. Uses the official name, with no sort of disclaimer about being third party, etc. Confused countless people over the years. You were upset, understandably, that you ‘paid for this’ and it wasn’t working. How many people were in the same boat, but never looked into it? Just thought, “man this WaniKani is garbage, I got ripped off, scammers”?


I remember when I first used the app I was confused at the donation option because I already pay my monthly sub lol. I wonder if it looking so official had anything to do with people not donating and that ending support for the app (if it was abandoned for financial reasons)