Trouble with iOS app

Anyone else has trouble with the iOS app? When I open it, I get stuck on a screen saying “Shiba recognised you! Wait for him to do his magic…” but however how long I wait it keeps laoding.

There’s 3 iOS apps. Which one is it?

The one I downloaded was just called WaniKani. Are they all third party apps? If they are, do you have one you recommend?

They are all third-party apps, yes.

I would recommend seeing for yourself which ones you like. As far as I know, none of them provide offline reviews or lessons.

However, it is possible to add the website to your home screen on both iPhone and Android. The site provides mobile web application support, so it will open the website as if it were an app.

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I use AlliCrab, i’ve never had any issues.


Adding the website to the home screen is actually a pretty good idea. Thanks!