Anyone knows what does this "character" mean?

Hello there! So yesterday I found this image,

And I have no idea what does those two strokes between the 想 and 出 kanji mean.

Never seen anything like that before, I don’t even know how to look it up, lol. Does anyone know what those two strokes mean?


Actually 想 and 思 share kun readings so it could be, lol

Jisho marks 想い出 as another form of 思い出, so I think you’re right.


I guess it’s a really badly written い then.

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looool I was right and I didn’t even know it. xD Now I deleted it because I thought it was wrong. I tried to restore the post, but I can’t tell if it worked. I apologize for being awkward.
*covers face and shows self out of thread *


Don’t worry lol, thanks for your help I didn’t think it could be い, ありがとう ^^.


yep. poorly written い.

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