What is the last kanji here?


I cannot figure out what that underlined character is. Closest I’ve gotten is 娉 maybe but I don’t think that’s it. Please help lol. There is no higher resolution available.


looks like 隅


Yeah, I was just about to bring up 隅, but that still looks off, don’tcha think? Particularly the left side. Though it could be the font.


Well, I mean, 片隅 is a word, and it makes sense.

Also, no, I can see all the elements.


It makes sense, as 片隅 is a word.

EDIT: Leebo’d. It hurts.


It’s just the 阝radical. 禺 looks kinda off, but it’s just because it’s blury.


The bottom part of the right side of 隅 is hard to make out, but I think I see it now. The pixelation was making me associate parts of one radical with another, it seems. I’ll carry on assuming this is the kanji. Thanks!