Anyone know what does this mean πŸ˜…?

I was just browsing some Pokemon gijinka drawings and I found this one with some Katakana and Hiragana on it! I thought I’d tried translating it but I still have no idea what it says. Does anyone know:

  1. What it means
  2. Why does the drawer use ヽ (Katakana iteration mark) instead of ゝ (Hiragana iteration mark)? Or maybe I’m misreading what that mark is.
  3. What are those three dots by the う? Is that actually part of the text or just part of the drawing?

The drawing in question:

Thanks :pray:t2:

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I think it says:

I don’t know what the mark is but i don’t think is an iteration mark

Three dots are the tenten mark for the β€œga” particle


It’s ムチャはしγͺγ„γ»γ†γŒγ„γ„
You shouldn’t do anything rash.

I don’t know what you’re asking about in question 2.


Aye, that’s a し, not an iteration mark. し in handwritten styles can often be fairly straight.

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Ah the し looked so straight in the drawing so I didn’t read it as し :sweat_smile:

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Thanks a lot everyone!

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