What does this mean?


Hey guys!
I ordered a t-shirt with an illustration printed on it (image below) the other day, but I have no idea what the writing on it actually means, so if anyone could help me translate it, that’d be amazing.

I know the bottom part says “no oniisan” as that is fairly basic japanese, but the line above the illustration was troubling for me. So yes, please help me understand what this says (;一_一)


edit: strike that, I remembered that 非常勤 means part timer :eyes:
It reads 非常勤講師「ひじょうきんこうし」 and means part time teacher


Yea this is correct. You edited before I could reply.


I was about to be chewed out by Syphus? Dodged a bullet there :cold_sweat:


Thank you so much for the help!


But why would you order something with Japanese that you don’t know the meaning of? :open_mouth:


Decent shirt, attractive image?


I know it’s a wee bit dumb to to that, but I fell for the design, haha
Figured I’d look up the meaning before it arrived but that proved harder than anticipated ;-;


Google Translate App can detect the text and translate with the camera.


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