Can you guess which ones of these that aren't 漢字?

I think some of these are archaic.

  • 凹・凸

You can try and find the answer here.


4 and 10
々 is a iteration mark
ゝ is a katakana/hiragana repeater


I’ve seen #1 on Japanese maps. It indicates the location of a Buddhist temple.
#4 looks like the iteration mark (or “repeater” kanji in WK, Lesson 2).
#6, #8 and #9 look like the katakana for と、む and ひ.
#9 looks like the “drop” radical in WK, Lesson 1. As for which ones might be kanji, I don’t have a clue, although #5 looks familiar.

  1. Temples
  2. ???
  3. Same as 締め. It’s a closer mark. Commonly seen as 〆会 (end of the year meeting/party)
  4. Repeater for kanji
  5. Concave and convex
  6. Fortune teller?
  7. ???
  8. Watashi?
  9. Spoon?
  10. Repeater for katakana
  11. Repeater for hiragana
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