Pseudo Kana/Kanji 準仮名・漢字

I just came across 〆 for the first time, used as an abbreviation of 締・閉:
Then found the vertical equivalent of 々 → 〻

Of course we’re all familiar with the prolonged sound mark ー in kana, which belongs to this category.
So I went investigating and found the following:
ゝ Repetition of last hiragana. More common in names: さゝき => ささき
ヽ Repetition of last katakana. トヽロ => トトロ
ゞ Repetition of last hiragana but adding dakuten.
ヾ Repetition of last katakana but adding dakuten.

Vertical writing:
〱 Repeat last kana.

〲 Repeat last kana + dakuten

〵Repetition of last word.

〵Repetition of last word + dakuten.

Edit: further info for anyone curious:

Can anyone confirm if they’re used all that often?
In print at all, or mostly handwriting?


Interesting, keen to hear if there’s more.

In my experience, I used to see and use 〆切 all the time in excel spreadsheets, while working in a Japanese office (I was handling student enrolments and payments for Japanese classes).
So it may not just be a handwritten thing.

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Today in class I saw this used on the chalk board.

It said いつも広いこゝろ、いつも大きな希望

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