Any plugin/app for quizzing of context sentences?

I’ve just reset back to level 1 and I’m paying more attention to the context sentences this time around. Seeing as wanikani has a nice collection of level-appropriate context sentences for each word, it seems like a nice supplementary feature would be a quiz for context sentences for words you’ve already studied.

I’m picturing something which shows the sentence at first only in Japanese. You’d then reveal the translation, and hit a button whether you got it right or wrong (seeing as programmatically determining the correctness of a translation isn’t really possible). Maybe it would have some SRS element too.

Does anything similar to that exist already?

I’ve found things that hide the English translation like this, but that requires navigating to the word. I’m looking for something that will streamline process of choosing words and sentences at random.

If it doesn’t exist then maybe I’ll make it :slight_smile:

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You could try exporting the context sentences into Anki with Item Inspector.


Thanks for the idea. I’ll try it!

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This site might be of use to you


Exactly what I was looking for!

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