Prompts for entire sentences instead of individual words

Hey guys,

So I’ve reached a stage where I can recognize the Japanese grammatical structures not too bad. For example, when I have tutoring sessions online on italki (conversations), I can often understand what my tutors are telling me (or at least the gist). Or when I’m reading sentences, I can process the meaning without too much trouble.

In other words, my Japanese to English processing is ok.

However, my English to Japanese conversion not so much. For instance, although I understand my tutors, I have difficulty stringing together sentences to reply to them.

So basically, I can recognize grammatical structures, syntax, and expressions, but at this point have significantly more difficulty recalling these things.

I feel that the best way to address this is to memorize and engrave in my mind a ton of sample sentences describing various ideas. In doing so, I believe creating my own sentences would be reduced to forming sentences that are analogous to those in the repertoire of sample sentences I would have learned.

I feel that Wanikani has a whole bunch of very interesting sample sentences.

So my question to you guys is if you know of a script or something that will cue me on entire sentences? So like instead of having prompts for kanji and individual vocabulary words, I would want a prompt asking me to translate entire sentences from English to Japanese (the sentences that Wanikani uses to illustrate how to properly use the vocab).

Any idea on how I could do this?

Thanks for your help!

Hmm, I would think that you’d have to make your own Anki decks or something for this. WK’s focus is Japanese to English, not the other way around. Though I guess that doesn’t mean it’s not possible for someone to make a script for it, though I know nothing about how to make scripts. Heck, once I get to that point I’d probably try it out if someone did create such a script.

I made this script to show the Japanese sentences during reviews

It might be possible for someone to modify it to ask English sentences. But Wanikani’s context sentences do not use an i+1 progression, meaning lower level sentences use higher level kanji and vocab (and even some that are not taught by WK), so I don’t know how well that would work.


Hi! It looks great. In the screenshot on your greasyfork page, you mention that it is another userscript that changes “Vocabulary Reading” to ”読み”. I have searched for hours for some userscript that can do this change with no luck… any luck you remember and could link to which userscript does it?

Oh man, I couldn’t find it again either. Luckily, I made a backup of the WankiKani userscripts I used 3 years ago and found it in my archive: WK Custom Review Question (KunOn+)

(It’s name uses ‘WK’ instead of ‘WaniKani’ so no wonder it was hard to find!)

Wow! Clutch save. And huge help. Will definitely be installing it!

Thanks a ton!