WK Sentences: Lists all the context sentences with only kanji you understand

Procrastinating again, thought this’d be fun and/or useful. I tend to ignore the context sentences when I’m learning vocab, many of them are way too advanced for me. However, there are lots of them, they’re often amusing/unusual, and reading practice is apparently good.

Therefore… Enter a V2 API token and this thing will* list all the WK context sentences with kanji you know (down to a SRS level you can specify).


Order is randomised, and english translations are blurred until you mouse over them.

(More or less entirely untested, but I think the worst thing it can do is not work and/or make your CPU fan spin a bit faster for a few seconds.)


All I got was this leading to this.

Hmm… Is that Safari? Maybe try not-safari? :-\

Safari. Ah, this one is Opera.

Edit: And I got this

Works for me! (iOs Safari)

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@Oshin Consider becoming a software tester if you need a new career path, you’ve got the knack! Looks like the library I was using to store data locally doesn’t work from a CDN when certain browser security policies are set. Might have fixed it now.

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This is brilliant! But, uh, could add a touch event in Mobile Safari? :smiley: Unless that’s slated for version 2. :tada:

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Is the source for this available?

This is just what I was looking for! Thanks :smile:

I’m on Windows, using Chrome, and it doesn’t work for me. I can enter the API but then it just flashes “loading” for a while and then goes back to letting me enter the API :frowning:

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Same here with chrome on mobile :frowning:

Edit: I waited a bit and now it works fine!