Any Good Services for Practising Grammar?

As you all know despite how great WaniKani is it doesn’t teach grammar. Now I wanted to learn how to conjugate verbs and found KANJI-Link which I think does an amazing job at explaining grammar, and I highly recommend it. However, no matter how good of an explanation one gets, you still need practice. For this reason I’m wondering if anyone knows any good sites or apps for the purpose of practising grammar?

Lang8, but it is (was?) locked to existing users.
iTalki, a service with a journal feature and tutoring options.
Hinative is more of a question service, but you can post in a category titled “Does this sound natural?” and get feedback. Also supports audio if you want to record yourself speaking.

The “Japanese Only” subsection of WK. Most (all) of the questions can be answered with as much or as little complexity as you want there. It’s an interesting place.

For practice doncr has an awesome practice tool, but it might take a bit of effort to get used to at first.

Alternatively there’s good old pen paper. I like to take some vocab from my wk lessons and just write out all the different forms spreadsheet style. Japanese has almost no irregular words/conjugations, so it’s pretty safe to practice this way. There are a few conjugation tools/dictionaries available online and even jisho can display them (click “show inflections”) so it’s not particularly hard to check your work after the fact.


You need to practise your spelling :wink:

I’ve bought Genki I but kinda put it on hold since a while, the reason’s either because I’m no good with textbooks or the fact that it’s meant to be used in a classroom rather than for self-studying.

However, since a month or so I’ve been watching the Japanese From Zero lessons on YouTube. Super convenient because you can pause the video whenever you want and take notes of everything, which is what I do. They’re meant to be additional material to the book series of the same title but so far it’s worked for me without owning any of them.

For practicing verb conjugation I recommend Japanese Projects | Steven Kraft


For verb + adjective conjugation, I thought this was really neat as a WK supplement:

Original post:


All of your suggestions seems pretty similar, I’ll try them out and see which I prefer but they all seem like the thing I was looking for, thanks!

Were you referring to my english? If so I’d prefer if you could be a little more specific as it’s hard to spot your own mistakes. As a non-native english speaker I’m always looking to improve and would be grateful to anyone who would correct my spelling. Though I believe my computer usually takes care of that.


They may have been referring to “practising,” which you are in fact spelling correctly if you’re using British English. “Practicing” would be how it’s spelled in American English.


Yeah, my bad XD
How Amerocentric of me!

Thank you! Since I was taught British English in school while I see mostly American English on the internet I sometimes use them interchangeably.

Yeah sorry I’m a fucking dumbass. British spelling has a red line of doom under it in my compy set to American English. Some I’m very familiar with, like theatre and recognise, but practising just looked wrong to me. Of course, English orthography in general is fucked.

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I have an Android app called JLPT PRACTICE N1-N5. Haven’t tried it yet, but it’s basically multiple choices on vocab, Kanji and grammar questions. You can choose the JLPT level and what you want to study ^^ Seems pretty cool :slight_smile:


I distrust multiple choice myself.

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Don’t read the options.
Try to recall the answer.
In case you can recall it by yourself, hit the correct option.
In case you can’t, hit a wrong option.

Having something to practice > having nothing to practice



Multiple choice isn’t that bad as long as the options are reasonable mistakes (instead of throwaway, obviously wrong answers). Being able to explain why something is right or wrong is an exercise in itself and those kinds of questions are a great way to build confidence in a weak subject.

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AKA Memrise courses :smiley:

Exactly. Most of the exercises that I was exposed to when I was learning English were multiple choices, but all the options had a reason to be there. We had to to know why something was right or wrong.

Does anyone know if the Genki workbooks are any good? I actually miss the typical textbook exercises to practice grammar.

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I enjoy using the Genki workbook. One shortcoming, however, is that it only has one page of listening exercises per chapter. Also, the better reading comprehension and writing composition exercises are in the Genki textbook. The textbook is full of grammar exercises as well, but doesn’t have any listening exercises, so I use both the workbook and textbook.

As for the type of exercises, they are mostly translation (both ways) and conjugation. The only multiple choice are in some of the listening exercises.

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