Are there any Verb programs?

I use Genki I as my primary resource for grammar and WaniKani as my primary resource for kanji. I’ve been stuck on the very basic verb forms for quite a long time and can’t seem to make it stick (even remembering which are ru and u when they’re not obvious, etc.). Are there any resources that quiz you on verbs? When I try to make flashcards myself, I can’t think of the proper way to format them to study effectively.


Yeah there are a couple of verb conjugation quiz tools:


It’s not really a paid for course, it’s more like a webpage with how to classify the verbs and different verb forms, and there is a few quizzes in there too


It may be too broad for your request, but I’ve found that using Bunpro for general grammar has helped a lot with drilling in verb forms too.


Not as good as some of the other sites mentioned but the Genki site is decent because it uses words you’re familiar with.

I prefer something like Don’s Japanese Conjugation Drill so that you can work on more than one type of ‘conjugation’ at a time but the Genki site may allow you to ease into it better.

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I second Don’s drill website. I use it quite a bit and it’s really helped me nail down verb forms.

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Try this app. It’s been a game changer for me. I also had troubles with verbs, but even a few hours of using this app got me to another level.

You basically create quizzes for yourself by choosing the JLPT level and the tenses you want to practice. I hope you enjoy it!

Upd: It seems to be pretty similar to some of the other suggested resources. Gotta try those ones too :0

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Ohhh Katsu looks amazing! Thank you.

Does someone else have the issue of half of the furigana being hidden behind the top bar?

so far I haven’t found how to do reviews.

There is an option but under Support, but it takes me to google play store.

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