Anticipate Reviews

Hi everyone, is there any script that shows me what I’ll be reviewing when I am able to do it? For example: My next review is within a hour, is there a way to see what items or how many items i will need to review? Thanks!

This script can help you with that ^^


The script MissMisc linked is widely used, and is lovely for providing you an accurate picture of the number of incoming reviews you have by the hour.

One thing is that you probably don’t want to use this script to pre-study the particular items that are coming up in your reviews because that will sort of “cheat” the SRS system. If you review an item directly before getting quizzed on it in WK, that’s painting an inaccurate picture of your memory of that item. So it may advance an SRS level when in fact you had already forgotten it.

I like to think of WK reviews as just that - a review, rather than something like a test that you must pass.


Wow thank you, really helps!

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Yeah, that’s what I thought when I saw the script’s page, I will only use it to check the number or review, not the items itself that will be quizzed, thanks for the tip!

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Of course. Best of luck in your studies! :tofugu:

Thank you, wish you the same!

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I found something interesting:

  1. If you choose “Summary” it won’t show the items being quizzed!

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