Anki Question

So, I’ve been studying the Genki 1 & 2 deck for quite a while and have most of it, at least seen if not memorized.  Now though, I just Downloaded the new spiffy 10k WK modded deck and would like to study that for a bit.  The new cards though are not showing up for review.  I am an Anki complete newb and am not sure why I’m not seeing these new cards showing up.  They aren’t suspended - perhaps my Original Deck review load is too high or something?  


As I recall the limit is set to 0 in this deck. Go to its settings and increase new cards limit.

Agreed with embe response. I am also a complete newbie at anki and this deck being set to 0 threw me off as well. To set the new card limit I clicked the settings (Blue arrow) and then New Cards/day (red arrow). 

I’m fairly new to it as well. I believe your new card / day counts the different types of the same card, so you may want to find out how many types there are and multiply the number of vocab you want to learn per day by that.

I started setting it that way because I was doing them in increments of ten cards though the Custom Study function. Just click on custom study and the first option is to add more new cards. I kind of like doing it that way so it stayed in my settings.