An Anki Deck (Breadstick WK Expansion Pack) Issue

Hi guys.

I’m having a problem with this Deck on Anki. Apparently, every note is composed of three cards (one for meaning from looking at the vocab, one for reading from looking at the vocab, and one for meaning from listening to the vocab). However, when I choose to study, it only shows me one type of card (meaning from vocab), and the other cards automatically leave the queue list (when I browse the cards, there is still a queue number for those cards, but it’s in brackets).

The only way I managed to study those cards was to manually add them to the queue list again. However, that’s not how this deck was supposed to be used, I think. The idea should be to learn the vocabs just as in Wanikani: first you see meaning and reading together, and in the reviews they are shuffled.

Does anyone know how to solve this or has/had the same problem?


Your settings group for that deck is set to temporarily suspend (bury) related cards so that you don’t study cards from the same note back to back. It’s a feature. You will most likely be seeing those cards in a day or two

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oh. now I understand why there’s an unbury buttom hahahah. I really don’t like this feature of separating meaning from reading. So I’m gonna unbury those.

Thanks! <3

Edit: Thanks! It worked perfectly!!

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You can change the settings for the deck so that it doesn’t bury anything anymore. I don’t think that there’s any way to make sure all the cards of a note are reviewed together, though.

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You’re right. Not even for the first time seeing the cards I can guarantee they’ll appear together. But lets say I study 30 cards a day. It is guaranteed it will be the 3 cards of 10 notes. That’s good enough for me.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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