Teach Me How to Use Anki

I’m not asking about WK to Anki tricks or whatever. I’m talking about how to do anything on there on the computer version. I downloaded 2 decks and I don’t know how to import them at all. Can someone teach me how to navigate it?

Mac or Windows? Double Click the *.apkg file.

And then Suspend / Sort cards / Move cards to a new deck →

It is also possible to use your own spreadsheet, but it will be a little more complex.

Ankii can be a pain in the beginning. I also would recommend to check your deck settings. Only allow a review limit of 50 per day. That’s what I do. This way reviews are managable and you will not be submerged into 1000+ reviews after a couple of weeks.

Which decks did you imported?

where do i find the deck settings?

Deck settings can be found by looking for a little cogwheel to the right of each of the decks on the main screen. It should be a little drop down box and then you can click ‘options’