How to filter my Anki deck?

Hi there! I’ve downloaded an Anki deck from Ankiweb that has all Genki I vocabulary (Genki 1 & 2, Incl Genki 1 Supplementary Vocab - AnkiWeb) - Great deck! The only problem is that i’m currently studying chapter 1 & 2 from Genki, so I don’t need the vocabulary of the other chapters (yet).

I Know I can create a Custom Study Deck, but this says that it will create a deck out of my normal study schedule.

What’s the best way to study the chapters I’m working on at the moment? And how to add chapters to this as I make progress (without resetting the SRS)?

Thank you!

The cards are tagged 1-23. I’m assuming this is the chapter. Easiest would be to create your own new deck. Call it “genki study” or whatever. Study only Genki study. The original deck is just your bank. Go to the browser. There you can browse all cards by their tag. Hopefully you got no other cards tagged 1-23 from some other deck. Then you can just ctrl-a and move them to genki study. When your done, move the next chapter… and so on…

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Assuming the deck has a tag per chapter:

You can suspend all the cards in the deck, then unsuspend all the ones that contain the chapter tag you want. Every time you’re ready to add words from a new chapter, unsuspend the cards with the chapter tag.


Click browse, then select your deck in the sidebar. Select all the notes and right click to suspend all. Then using the filter search at the top, find all the ones with the tag that matches your chapter. Right click and unsuspend.

Thank you guy’s! Suspending the cards works great for me.

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