Any Anki Experts Out There?

Hi Everyone,

I’m using this Anki deck to complement my studies as I work through the Genki textbooks: Genki 1 & 2, Incl Genki 1 Supplementary Vocab - AnkiWeb

I’m finding that my progress through the Anki deck is faster than my progress through the Genki books. As a result, I’m seeing some vocab words in the deck before I’ve studied them in the book which is making them really difficult to memorise (a bit like if you were to work through WaniKani without reading any of the mnemonics).

Does anyone know of there is way for me to limit the Anki deck to only include the words from the Genki chapters I’ve already studied? The idea being to add more cards as I progress through the books.

Any advice, gratefully received!


I’m not by any means an Anki expert, but if you want to progressively unlock cards with a certain tag (I assume the numbers in the tag field of the deck you linked to correspond to chapters): you can suspend all or some in the note browser to “pause” them, and unsuspend only the ones you want to study. You can also create filtered decks so you can temporarily cram a whole chapter for example.


(From the main window, click Browse, then go to your deck in the sidebar. Select all the notes you want, then right click and toggle suspend. You can use the filter fields above the list of notes to filter them by tag.)


That’s exactly what I was looking for! I’ve now suspended the cards that correspond with the chapters I haven’t studied yet. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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I’m using Anki too and have to say that I find it quite convenient to learn (or at least look at) some vocab of a new lesson before jumping right into the lesson itself. When I discover the new words in the exercises, I can often already understand them and in the end it makes it easier for me to keep them in my brain.


I do this with Minna No Nihingo. I try to stay 3 chapters ahead on the vocabulary so it’s fairly entrenched when I come to it the chapter, and I can concentrate on the grammar.

Are you set on using Anki to study the vocab list? Pretty sure Memrise will have a course sorted by chapter. You can choose to move on to the next chapter or not. This one, for example: Memriseで Genki I (Genki 1) Vocabulary & Kanji を学んでいます! Genki I (Genki 1) Vocabulary & Kanji - by Sputnik1220 - Memrise

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