Amount of old lessons when starting new level?

Here are some other options (if you use a reordering script like Reorder Omega or Wanikani Lesson Filter):

  1. Reorder Lessons in this order: Vocabulary → Radicals → Kanji
    1a. With this method, you’ll complete all available vocabulary before moving onto more kanji.
    1b. Advantage: You’ll reinforce the kanji meaning/reading by learning the associated vocab right after guruing each individual kanji.

  2. Use a Kanji to Vocab Ratio
    2a. Wanikani currently has about 2074 kanji and 6588 vocabulary. 6588/2074 = 3.176, so users can progress evenly by learning 1 kanji per 3 vocab (4 lessons total) OR 1 kanji per 4 vocab (5 lessons total).
    2b. Advantage: The workload is balanced between kanji and vocab. For me, kanji lessons are more difficult and require more time than vocabulary lessons, so 1 kanji & 4 vocab lessons per day is more approachable and manageable than struggling through 5 kanji lessons in one day.
    2c. The WaniKani Dashboard Level Progress Detail 1.0+ script adds a vocabulary progress bar underneath the radical and kanji progress bars on the dashboard. This helps me keep my kanji and vocab progress approximately even.