Does anyone else have this problem?

Too many lessons during level-up…
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Any suggestions?

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You don’t have to do them all right away!

This happens when you guru a whole bunch of kanji at once and suddenly unlock all of the associated vocab lessons, as well as the new batch of radicals, kanji, and some vocab for the new level. But unless you’re trying to rush to level 60 as fast as possible (and even then, there’s a strategy that allows you to avoid doing huge lesson binges), you don’t need to clear out the whole lesson queue immediately. You can chip away at that number by doing just 10, 15, 20, or however many lessons you want each day!

If you want to avoid having a large vocab backlog at the beginning of a new level, my suggestion would be to download the lesson filter script and distribute the kanji lessons throughout the level instead of doing them in huge clumps. As long as you aim for a ratio of roughly 1 kanji to every 3 vocab lessons, you shouldn’t end up with a huge backlog of vocab. Doing 3 kanji a day and 9 vocab (for a total of 12 lessons a day), for example, is a pretty good pace that’ll get you to level 60 in under three years. 4 kanji and 12 vocab (for a total of 16 lessons) would be a bit faster, or 5 kanji and 15 vocab (20 lessons) if you’re feeling more ambitious. Using this script would mean that you guru kanji in much smaller waves, resulting in a more gradual stream of lessons.

But really, having a bunch of lessons isn’t really a problem (unless you’re using a script to only do kanji lessons and are skipping all of the vocab). I actually deliberately cultivate a small pile of lessons so that I can always do my daily 10-13 lessons every day. I don’t want the number to reach 0 until I’m at the end of level 60, haha :sweat_smile:


Yes, do them in small batches of like 10-20 per day, but more importantly, in a way that fits your schedule and capacity. If you feel you’re doing too many, don’t do more :slight_smile: .

Also, check the WaniKani settings and reduce lesson batch size to like 5 or something. That helped me a lot.


this means you did all your second batch of kanji lessons at once, and maintained very high accuracy in reviews until you guru’d them. so not a bad thing.

if you haven’t yet, then do check out The Ultimate Guide to Wanikani. you’ll find tons of tips on how to deal with situations like this ^^


Indeed. Getting loads of new lessons upon level up only happens if you guru’s many kanji at once at the end of the level.

You could also “plan” when and how you guru the items. Basically, spread out the guru’ing of kanji, which would let you get through the accompanying vocab lessons before you’re about to level up.

I’d make sure that I only have a couple of kanji left to guru before level-up. That way, you’ll make quick work of the few vocab lessons you have left before getting to the new level lessons with new radicals.

only 19 apprentice?

You should do more to get at least to 50 then you increase by little.

That’s what I did until I got to hell levels keeping 100 apprentice, now my max is 90 because I started bunpro.

As others have mentioned, study your kanji in smaller batches and you’ll get new lessons at a slower, manageable rate.

Good luck!

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