Vocab from past level

Whats ur strategy for this, I have alot of vocab left from past level once I level up, its a bit crazy, for example I just leveled up to level 6, and I have 70vocab left from level 5…
Its a bit overwhelming or not?

It’s really overwhelming for me.
I have 2 strategies.
If I feel like going slow, I will do 5 lessons a day. Sometimes none. I’ll just do the reviews. This usually takes me 20 days.
If I want to have a fast level, I do all my lessons in one go.
Definitely understand the struggle.

I like to stagger my kanji lessons over a couple days for the first half of a lesson, so not all of that vocab becomes available at the same time as I guru the radicals. So as I level up I do radicals right away, but randomize the vocab and kanji lessons and spread them out over the next couple days, getting them all done and into high apprentice before the radicals are guru’d and more kanji get unlocked. I do those new kanji right away, so as not to delay level up, and do vocab lessons as they come in from the first batch of kanji.

If you’re not worried about going 7 day levels, you can also do the second batch of kanji over the next couple days, makng sure vocab lessons keep trickling in manageable batches.

I like to make sure I get to 0 lessons on the day before I potentially level up, so I keep track of where my kanji are in apprentice.


I used [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter to do 3 kanji lessons and 9 vocab lessons every day, so I never noticed things like this.


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