When best to start new lessons?

So I work 4 days a week. I’m at work now and I just did my kanji reviews for level 1, which promoted me to level two and 82 new lessons! It would have been more if I hadn’t mixed up 力 and 九.
I’m super excited to start on these lessons, but it’s probably not a good idea to do so now at the start of a work day, haha
82 might also be too much to do in one go. What do people suggest?


Hmm, it seems that my icon on the community board still says one, but my dashboard says level two :o I guess there must be a delay between the two?

Logging in and out usually works for this.

The amount of lessons someone should do in one go differs from person to person.

I have always done everything at once, and in retrospect that was a bad decision. Memorizing 82 lessons at once will guarantee that you forget at least a few of them.

What I usually see is that people do about 10-20 lessons per day/per session, in that way, the learning is more spread over time, and you won’t receive an 82 item review stack next time.

For maximum speed, I also see a lot of people using the reorder script, which allows you to enforce a certain order in your lessons and reviews, based on level or item type. I have linked that script below.
Be careful with this script! It is tempting to ignore all the previous level’s vocab in exchange for doing all radicals and kanji of the next level first, but in the long run that will really clog up your lessons, and most importantly, the vocab functions as kanji reinforcement, which is quite important for longer term remembrance of the kanji. I’d recommend always doing your vocab first in your lessons.

Have a look, but be cautioned!


20 lessons seems like it’d be better yeah. it’ll be slower, but probably better in the long run :slight_smile:


Find a pace that works for you, and don’t be afraid to change it up along the way :relaxed:

I did the first 10 levels much quicker than the following 7, because I had learned some of the early kanji from other sources previously. And then I got cocky thinking that I could keep that pace up for the rest of WK and ended up stressing myself out and not having any fun with it :sweat_smile: but I’m now back at a pace that works for me and keeps me motivated and engaged.

I don’t have a strict schedule, but on average I proooobably do about 5-10 lessons a day. I usually do radicals straight away when I level up, then on other days I’ll use the reorder script to make sure that I only learn about 4 new kanji each day, and any additional lessons that day will be vocab.

And if I have a busy life day I won’t do any lessons, just whatever reviews I can fit in :slight_smile:

All the best with your WK journey! :crabigator::cake::partying_face:


nods I see :slight_smile: And at what time of day do you roughly do this?

I think the best time of day to do lessons should be so that you can adhere as closely to the SRS times as possible.


Looking at this image, I recommend you do the lesson about 4 or 12 hours before you go to sleep.

So if you go to bed at 10pm

  • Do your lessons at 10am and your reviews at 2pm and 10pm
  • Do your lessons at 6pm and a review at 10pm that some day and 6am the next day.

EDIT: Btw, also important to note: with the exception of the 4 hour and 8 hour interval, all intervals shown in the image are in actuality one hour shorter. So the 1 day is actually 23 hours, the 2 day is actually 47 hours, etc.


It actually takes 1 week to level up from Guru 1 to Guru 2. That image is probably from Wanikani’s User Guide, which seems to be out of date.
Also, the first few levels (1 and 2, if I remember correctly) takes shorter time to level up to Guru.


Ah yes, good point, I didn’t even notice that :sweat_smile:

I have noticed that there’s only two hours between a lesson and the first review, so then I would have to stay up till about midnight to do all of my reviews it seems :o

Oh good point, level 1 and 2 have double speed. I forgot about that.:sweat_smile:

Aaaah, they have double speed. Now I finally understand why everybody always says that the first review is after 4 hours instead of 2, haha

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Yeah, otherwise the first few levels are pretty uneventful

I tend to do lessons in the morning, partly because my brain is more willing to learn things then, and partly because it then allows me to review them once or twice through the day.

I don’t stick to the SRS timings, but I do usually check Wanikani every few hours and do the reviews that pop up - I work from home, so I can get away with spending a few minutes on WK quite often through the day, but you can fit reviews into your schedule any which way - you could do some on a lunch break, or simply before and after work, and maybe again later in the evening :slight_smile: alternatively, there are definitely people on the forums who stick to one WK session a day, and that works for them. So essentially the choice is yours :grin:

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