Am I supposed to do all the lessons provided in one day?


I’ve just recently passed radicals and started receiving lots of lessons. Today after my reviews I got about 50 new lessons. Am I supposed to do everything in one sitting or spread it our?

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I would not do all the lessons in one day, because later on the reviews will pile up. When they pile up, you will tend to get the reviews wrong. So I recommend spreading it out, so that your brain can process the information before learning something else, that is really similar to it.

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As mentioned, most people spread them out. Later on when you pass some kanji, it will unlock vocabulary for that kanji, and possibly trigger a level up, giving you even more radicals and kanji to do. In some cases you might get more than 100 lessons, in which case it’s probably best to spread them out over a few days. Just see how many you are comfortable with doing in one go and stick with that.


You may do all lessons in one go but you don’t have to. Most people spread them out as other have indicated in this thread. One reason to spread them out is that it avoids being overwhelmed with reviews because every lesson you do becomes reviews afterwards. This is not an issue in the early levels, but as you advance with wanikani you will see the workload piles up.

A useful trick many is to watch the apprentice count because most reviews come from apprentice items. The idea is to stop doing lessons when the apprentice count is over 100. This is the threshold where many people see the burden of reviews to become too large. Eventually the items will go out of apprentice and the number will go under 100. This is when you can resume doing lessons.

100 is just a number to start with. Many people have found that other numbers work better for them. You may find out that this is your case. There is no hard and fast rule that works for everybody.


Only do all the lessons that open in a single day if you hate yourself and have nothing but time to do 4 reviews of each. :wink:

As others have said, spread them out.

The way I handle mine is I will figure out how many I need to do between level up to be at zero new lessons per day. So I just opened level 15 and had I think around 130 reviews pop. I will do about 15-20 per day for 8 days. When I level up, assuming I stick to my current timing, I would be at zero open lessons; I would level up and it would open new radicals (which I do learn right away) and new lessons. I then do the math and figure out how many to do to be at zero for the next level, and on and on.

I also recommend as others have said - don’t go above about 100 Apprentice items at a time. These are the most time intensive and will sap your ability to control your flow properly if you don’t manage them.

Hope we all have helped!

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You can turn the number of lessons down to 3 at a time. I move really slow, and only do lessons every other day, to keep my reviews at a low level. The lower number of lessons, the lower number of reviews you get. I do the reviews everyday, and keep it at a manageable level.

I took me a long time to figure out how my flow with Wanikani. I can be done! Hang in there!


Thank you all very much! that was incredibly helpful.

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Oh, I didn’t know. I saw it on some of the posts, but I haven’t tried it yet.
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Just go what you think can handle, better to spread it as it won’t blow back so much at once at some point.

Another way to determine whether to do lessons is to look at your Apprentice count. It’s a pretty good indication of how busy you’re gonna be.

Basically, take a fixed value for Apprentice (like 100), and never go over that. If you go over it, don’t do lessons until it goes below. If you are below the limit, you can do lessons up to the limit.
Later on, if you feel like you can handle more, you can up the limit. If it overwhelms you, you can lower that limit.

In general, I’ve heard that people who do this have a level-up time of about 8-9 days instead of the high speed 7, so it’s not even that much slower, and allows you to space things out very well.

This script even specifically caters to this type of levelling.


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