How should i do the lessons?

Should i do all the lessons at once or should i do like 3-6 lessons, guru the kanji and then do more lessons?

You don’t have to do all of the lessons at once. I do about 10-20 a day (by which I mean 10 to 20 singular items, and not 10 batches of 5), depending on what I feel like I am able to handle.

The more lessons you do while keeping a good accuracy the faster you’ll progress, but it’s not worth doing all the lessons at once if it becomes too much for you.


One thing to know is that doing all lessons at once does not necessarily lead to leveling up faster. This is because only radicals and kanji affect the leveling up (vocabulary doesn’t). Another important point is that separating your lessons in batches throughout the days does not imply that the person will level up slower either. An extreme example would be that I did Wanikani in 1 year (close to maximum speed) and I did 20 lessons a day for that year.

Also, by separating lessons throughout the days, you get a more balanced amount of reviews every day. If you were to do all lessons in 1 day, what will happen in the long term is that you’ll have days with only a few reviews, but others with a massive amount of them. Wanikani favors those with a routine, and that is made easier with a constant amount of reviews on a daily basis.

For more information about this, you can read Chapters 4 to 7 of my Guide for Wanikani :slight_smile:


I recommend you control your apprentice counts and initislly take lessons only when count is under 100 and maybe increase up to 150 if you are comfortable with the review counts daily.

It really depends what you’re comfortable with, but doing all the lessons at once doesn’t level you up faster. It actually makes your reviews very “lumpy” having to do so many at once, and learning too much in one go makes it harder to remember everything. Smaller batches of reviews more often is so much nicer to deal with.

Here’s my routine as an example.

I try for no more than nine kanji lessons per day maximum, and no more than about twenty-five vocab per day - preferably less than twenty. Radicals are “free”. I’ve also got my “lesson batch sizing” setting on 3 so I can take tiny little nibbles out of the lesson queue at a time.

For levels with 27 or more kanji, this means three days exclusively spent on kanji. There’s roughly a 3 1/2 day timespan between queueing a lesson and doing its Guru review, assuming I get the kanji right which is much easier to achieve with the kanji in smaller batches. Once I’ve done the lessons for the “starter” kanji on a given level, I’m about ready to unlock the kanji I get from Guru-ing the radicals for that level.

So the review batches look something like this:

  • final vocab from previous level plus radicals for new level, and maybe a kanji or two
  • kanji batch 1
  • kanji batch 2
  • kanji batch 3
  • starter vocab for new level (if I get to it)
  • kanji batch 4, unlocked by guruing the radicals for this level, plus some vocab
  • any remaining level starting vocab plus whatever vocab is unlocked by kanji batch 1
  • vocab unlocked by kanji batch 2
  • vocab unlocked by kanji batch 3
  • vocab unlocked by kanji batch 4, plus radicals for new level because by now it should be unlocked if I’ve been reviewing well :slight_smile:

So at one a day it’s a span of eight or maybe nine days to get through a level, a comfortable pace but not an overwhelming one, and there’s very few days with nothing new to review. I definitely used to do all the lessons at once, but once I started getting Burn reviews it became really offputting to do everything when I got it, leading to lots more mistakes and retention/motivation problems.

Hope that helps!


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