Alternative mnemonics 👀

@jeff8v7 Here is a place to put all of your mnemonics in one post. I will try to make it a wiki so you can put them on the OP or just reply.


Alternative mnemonic for せい:


Good idea! If I may suggest, three tables would be a good idea (radical, kanji and vocabulary), maybe ordered per level to make it easy to find stuff.

I second the idea to make this into a wiki.

P.S. I have a bunch of ehm…PG-13 mnemonics (they work well too :rofl:), so we should probably put a ban on those, maybe make it a rule?

jeff8v7 wound up making his own consolidated post.

Thanks! Great idea. If it’s a wiki, everyone can participate. I was just thinking of myself :slight_smile:

Before I saw this, I made a consolidated post for my own. I sorted by level, like so…

I’ll keep an eye on your wiki too, and add mine to it as well…

Ok, I’m slightly confused of where to add them now. I like jeff’s formatting better, this here takes too much space. But that one isn’t a wiki (yet).
I’ll just add some random ones to get this started:

Level 10

習 しゅう Learn

All little birds start as white, with pure white feathers. Then they have to become adult and LEARN how to fly! There are courses for birds available so they can learn. And birds are racist too…they don’t allow humans in their courses, they don’t want us to LEARN their secrets. I know, I have tried!
-Icarus, Avium historia


But those fools don’t know that you are friends with Hermes. You have winged SHOEs (しゅう) that allow you to fly. You don’t really need those courses after all!

Level 11

味 み Flavor

Imagine a mom putting the food in a kid’s Mouth, Airplane style. Embarrassing, anyway, the kid doesn’t know. He only cares about the Flavor.


Same as WK. Meat is meat after all.

Level 6

新 New しん

You stand with an axe on a tree.
Let’s forget why we’re cutting it down. The point is wee need to plant a NEW tree where it was. You can’t just cut down a tree…


Ah, now you remember why you’re cutting down the old tree. It had walked on your feet and hurt your SHIN . Imagine the weight of a tree on your foot. So it’s just… justice. A new tree will be there.
Hint: the tree is an old Treebeard (LOTR)


I might consider making mine a wiki… any pointers or examples on how to do this?

Become a Member trust level, or have a Regular do it. You could see if @tip can help…

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Ok… I’ll wait until I’m not a newbie :slight_smile: Meanwhile, I’ll just maintain my little list. Thanks!


Great, you’re a Member now. Feel free to make it a wiki.

Alternative mnemonic for rocket radical (level 31):
Inside treasure chest with a lid is something what must be kept private, it is a head of a rocket.

Alternative mnemonics for Reverse kanji (level 28):

There is a slide in the mountains. You are going down this slide on your horned scooter reversely until you hit the ground down there.

Down there under the slide it wasn’t ground but it was Gak and now you are completely covered in Gak because you went reversely and you didn’t see it so you couldn’t avoid it. If you don’t know what Gak is, check out this Gak commercial.

Alternative mnemonic for Go Beyond (level 30):

If you are a drunkard just pick up the stick on the ground (so you have a support for your uncertain walking) and run to go beyond your drunkenness, to become better person.

Does anyone have an alternate mnemonic for いと (thread)?

I keep remembering “eat” as いつ and getting it wrong. I’m usually pretty good at creating my own, but nothing’s coming to me right now.


All the 白人はくじん come from the ほく. No exceptions :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

For those who like to use other kanji in their mnemonics =p

I’m not really sure what to think about the fact that the kanji for husband 夫 is like the one for jet 未 (jet fighter pilot), but without that little bit between it’s legs… Plus it’s the basis for the kanji for fault 失 (being at fault).


I remember 北西 hokusei since it kinda sound like the first part of hokus-pokus

Actually it isn’t: they’re not related. If you look at the Oracle Bone Script forms, you’ll see that 失 is a hand + the path of an object falling out of the hand, while 夫 is a man (大) with a topknot. But whatever you notice and remember is good as long as it doesn’t confuse you! :grin:

Oh wow, this is really ancient at this point. I hope you found something else in the meantime…

If you haven’t though… this doesn’t help you remember it in kana, but in rōmaji (provided you’re able to visualise things): imagine
vertically like that, and see the O flattened and connected to a needle as i and t descend vertically towards and through it. ‘Ito’ is therefore the thread going through the eye (O) of the needle. Thus it’s いと.


Thanks for the reply! I eventually just brute forced it in the end. But visualising it that way, is actually really helpful!

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To run hashiru through the border.