Feeling clever about your mnemonics

I’m sure there are threads like this already but do you ever feel a bit too proud about your own mnemonics? Like, I giggled way too much at my own stupidity when I realized that 強 is Popeye flexing. you can see his pipe, his hand and everything. And I mean, it’s actually his brother from Kyoto [kyou].

I do wish I could somehow make self-written notes more prominent in the UI (especially when you get things wrong) (and in the same vein, how lovely would it be if Wanikani quickly, even for a couple seconds, flashed alternative meanings for a word for you after answering a word correctly. At least I strongly fixate on one meaning and especially with Kanji, often forget about the alternative meanings because I keep answering the same meaning over and over again. I’d love to see “Direct” flash on my screen when I type in “Fix”).


There’s actually a userscript for this one: Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer

And I think there are also one or two scripts concerning mnemonics. Though I’m not sure if they are what you’re looking for. They should be listet here

Oh nice. Thanks. I don’t even really mind the extra step when I get it wrong (serves me right for getting it wrong I guess) but missing out on alternative meanings because I keep using the same (correct) answer very time is more of an issue. I think that script will solve it

Honestly, it would be pretty cool if Wanikani just every now and then said “btw, you keep me telling me this kanji means ‘fix’ but what ELSE does it mean”. It might be impossible to actually do though because I guess Wanikani doesn’t “categorize” the meanings in any way and this should only happen if the meanings are different concepts, rather than different ways to spell the same thing (I wouldn’t want to be prompted to type “42” when I keep answering “forty two”). And it’s not a even a clear-cut line between always.

I recommend checking the meanings of all Kanji that wanikani teaches. Sometimes it teaches incorrect meanings (Usually very close when it happens but wrong none the less) Like 肥 technically isnt “obese” its really “gain weight” which is a very similar concept. It also has several other very useful and oft used meanings. I had N2 before I started and I started checking after I saw a Kanji ive known for over 15 years was stated to mean something that I knew was a territory meaning and it didnt have the common meaning on it. I was like…hmmm… Also, had a few native speakers check ones I was like… hm… about and theyre like… No… No… Thats… its close. Its not right.

DISCLAIMER: ITs rare that it happens. Out of the first 26 levels ive only seen 2 that were questionable. A few where there were other useful meanings you would definitely want to know. Its mostly accurate.

Just tested the user script for displaying all the meanings. It’s exactly what I want. It’s a bit unfortunate that that’s not built-in functionality though, I use Wanikani on like 5 different devices (my ipad, my phone, two laptops, my desktop computer)… oh well better than nothing.

My mnemonic for 姉妹 is, “She (し) is my (まい) sister.” “She (し)” is first in the sentence and was born first too, so she is the older sister. It makes so much sense for a coincidental relationship.


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