Alternative mnemonics πŸ‘€

For the stop radical ζ­’ in Level 2:

Idk why I never thought of this before considering my mom was a school crossing guard for a long time, but to me it is easy to remember if i think of it as a little picture where the left verticle stick is a child waiting to cross the street. the right taller one is an adult with their arm out stopping traffic so the child can cross the street. the horizontal line is the ground, of course.

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η³Έ - thread, iTo - the cable to connect To all your iDevices

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Blue 青, like the moon 月, or life η”Ÿ without slides δΈΏ

Teacher 孝 being composed of coffin 耂 and child 子 reminds me of this picture


How I remembered the kanji reading for εΈ‚ (city / し) was thinking about how in Haikyuu the other guys would always make fun of Tanaka for trying to go after the city boys, which he always mispronounced as β€œsh*tty boys”